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Tian Chua - menghuraikan hukuman ke atas beliau dan Perjuangan PKR

di Majlis Makan Malam Bagi Memungut Dana Johor Selatan

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A couple of years ago I had set up a wifi system around my house but it was down, I am thinking of making another one and I am going to name it "wifi republic".

I am going to re-organize my blogs too, now I am testing some templates, trying and testing them at this stage. I am trying to fully utilized the latest blogspot editor. Not doubt that they are better with many needs that are taken care of. However the new blogspot editor lack fluidity where we can used different blog templates for different categories of posts or entries.

However I had thought of this new format. Try
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I am still in the learning curve and I may not proceed with the present idea for I have to evaluate either to follow the existing system that blogspot new editor provide or do the necessary such as amending the html on the free template that I had obtained satisfactorily to get a system that I want.

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Kongres PKR 28 - 30 Nov. 08

Wawancara eksklusif bersama Salehuddin Hashim Setiausaha Agung Parti Keadilan Rakyat

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The Six Biggest Myths About Gold

. . . required reading for sophisticated investors and advisors.

. . . dispels six myths in detail:
  • Myth 1: Gold is a bad investment
  • Myth 2: Gold is not a good inflation hedge
  • Myth 3: Gold is a risky investment
  • Myth 4: Gold does not pay dividends or interest
  • Myth 5: Gold is an archaic relic
  • Myth 6: Mining stocks are better investments than bullion
. . . read more

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Kaspersky on Cyber Threats

1. New IT Developments: New Internet Threats

Viruses, hacker attacks and other cyber threats are now a part of daily life.

2. All computers need internet security

3. Address the risks

4. New technologies - new anti-malware solutions . . . read more

5. Forewarned is forearmed

In addition to providing a wide range of cutting-edge antivirus solutions, we at Kaspersky Lab believe that information is an essential element of safe computing. The Virus News section of our website (click 'about us' tab, then click 'press center' tab) offers information about all current cyber threats, ranging from basic definitions to thorough analysis and the Kaspersky Virus Encyclopedia, a comprehensive library of virus descriptions.

courtesy : Kaspersky

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Iraq war and SOFA

Iraq war 'violated rule of law'
Lord Goldsmith
Former attorney general Lord Goldsmith defended his legal advice

Legal advice given to Tony Blair by the attorney general prior to the Iraq war was fundamentally "flawed," a former law lord has claimed.

Lord Bingham said Lord Goldsmith had given Mr Blair "no hard evidence" that Iraq had defied UN resolutions "in a manner justifying resort to force".

Therefore, the action by the UK and US was "a serious violation of international law," Lord Bingham added. . . read more

Iraqis protest against troop deal

Today is the day of Iraqi unity among Arabs, Kurds, all communities of Iraq, to reject the security pact

Hazim al-Araji ;
Aide to Moqtada Sadr

The BBC's Andrew North, who was at the protest, says people waved Iraqi flags, Shia banners and chanted anti-American slogans, and an effigy of US President George W Bush was attacked by the crowd.

Joint prayers were held with many Sunni Muslims at the demonstration, our correspondent said. . . . read more.

In pictures: Baghdad protests

Source ; BBC News

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Report: US Uses Aid to Promote Non-Humanitarian Goals

The Development Assistance Research Associates (DARA) Humanitarian Response Index 2008 measures how effectively the world's 23 largest donors deliver aid. The United States ranked 15th in overall effectiveness and only 13th in the level of generosity measured by the size of its economy.

But it ranked near the bottom, 22nd, when it came to adherence to principles and guidelines established by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to ensure that political considerations don't exclude worthy recipients of aid.

DARA's findings reflect what it called the United States' use of humanitarian assistance to achieve military or political goals in eight crisis zones the group studied, including Afghanistan, Colombia and the Palestinian territories. . . read more

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Balasubramaniam’s Statutory Declaration revisited - RPK

Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal signed the following Statutory Declaration on Tuesday, 1 July 2008. On Wednesday, 2 July 2008, I spent about six hours with him from 6.00pm to midnight where he not only repeated what he said in his Statutory Declaration but much more, which he said would be fully revealed in part 2 and part 3 of his Statutory Declarations that would follow over the next few days. There were six people with us at that meeting, that included three lawyers.

I am actually looking forward to this trial because this will give my dozen witnesses and me an opportunity to reveal what we cannot say under normal circumstances. Let us see, after this trial commences, whether Malaysians would still want Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign in March 2009. My suspicion is most Malaysians would regard Pak Lah as the ‘lesser of the two evils’ and will beg him to stay on till the end of his term on midnight of 7 March 2013.

By the way, the Federal Constitution of Malaysia does not state that the Umno President must become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. What it does say is that the Agong must appoint a Member of the House (one of the 222 Members of Parliament) who commands the confidence of the majority of the Members of the House as the Prime Minister. And Pak Lah already has 82 Pakatan Rakyat Members of Parliament with him plus 20 from Umno. All he needs is ten more and MCA, MIC and Gerakan have 20 combined. So, even without the Sabah and Sarawak Parliamentarians, Pak Lah can still remain as Prime Minister of Malaysia.. . . read more

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"Mad Dog" no more!

BBC news - Profile : Muammar Gaddafi .

As Libya seals its return to the international fold this week with a visit from US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Muammar Gaddafi has marked the 39th anniversary of his rise to power with promises to overhaul the country's political system.

He laid out his political philosophy in the 1970s in his Green Book, which charted a home-grown alternative to both socialism and capitalism, combined with aspects of Islam.

The diplomatic community's rejection of Libya centred on Col Gaddafi's backing for a number of militant groups, including the Irish Republican Army and the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

Dissent has been ruthlessly crushed and the media remains under strict government control. Libya has a law forbidding group activity based on a political ideology opposed to Col Gaddafi's revolution. . . . read more

1942: Muammar Gaddafi born near Sirte, Libya
1969: Seizes power from King Idris in bloodless coup
1973: Declares "cultural revolution", with formation of "people's committees"
1977: Declares "people's revolution", creating the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah
1986: US soldiers targeted in Berlin disco attack, three killed; US bombs Tripoli and Benghazi, killing dozens
1988: 270 people killed in bombing of Pan Am jet over Lockerbie
1992: UN imposes sanctions to pressure Libya into handing over Lockerbie bombing suspects
1999: Lockerbie suspects handed over; UN sanctions suspended
2003: Libya takes responsibility for Lockerbie, renounces weapons of mass destruction
2008: Libya and US sign compensation deal for bombings by both sides

Libya paid $1.8bn (£1.2bn) in October into a fund to compensate victims of the 1988 bombing - which killed 270 people - and other attacks.

The payment has cleared the last hurdle to restoring full diplomatic relations between the US and Libya. . . . read more

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G20 Summit started an ideological war?

Can socialist planning work?

With economic crisis sweeping the globe, many people are asking if there is a better way to organise society. Kate Connelly and Esme Choonara explain how a planned socialist economy might work.

Planning does exist under capitalism – but it takes place within individual firms rather than across society as a whole.

Capitalism is also extremely undemocratic. Even in the parts of the world where we get to vote for parliamentary representatives, we have no control over most economic decisions that shape our lives.

Because production isn't tied to what people need, crises occur where companies find that their products can't be sold. Karl Marx explained that capitalism is the first economic system where you can have a crisis of overproduction, rather than a crisis of scarcity.

Socialist planning is about completely different priorities – producing for need, not for profit. It is impossible to determine what those needs are without extending democracy and involving the mass of the population in decision-making. . . . read more

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The G-20 Summit: A Vote of Confidence for Capitalism?

The global financial crisis has produced a wide array of critics, but no pairing has been stranger than what you might call the capitalism-in-crisis coalition. Anti-government ideologues on the right and anti-business activists on the left are both arguing that capitalism is under threat, though from very different forces. The right-wingers fear that federal market intervention is just the tip of a socialist spear, while the left-wingers gleefully declare that the crisis is proof of capitalism's inherent failure. . . . . read more
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G20 Summit ends

The do-nothing summit . . . . read more

Bretton Woods System after ww2
G20 Summit ends with action plan - cctv9 . . . . watch video

G-20 summit 'punts' till April - the real news network
G-20 leaders have a nice dinner but do not deal with how to make financial institutions serve the public . . . . watch video

G-20 a new world order? . . . . watch video
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Sidang Media Anwar Selepas Mesyuarat Pakatan Rakyat

Selasa, 11 November 2008

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Iraqi cabinet approves US deal

The Iraqi cabinet has endorsed a security agreement to be signed with the US amid speculations that the parliament will reject the deal. . . . read more

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Dr. Paul on the Global Financial Summitt

The Congressman discusses the G-20 summit taking place in Washington this weekend that will address the global monetary system. . . . watch video

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Iran - Yes to Gold !

Iran discards crude for gold

Crude reserves were considered the biggest hedge against any eventuality . . . .

Not any more. Iran’s recent conversion of its financial reserves into gold proves that gold is a better hedge, especially that the prices of crude have fallen flat. . . . read more

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Gold coins in short supply, command 50% premium.

CALIFORNIA: Popular gold and silver coins such as the one-ounce gold and silver American Eagles produced by United states Mint is not available for sale in the market and those who sell do it at a premium of 50 percent or more on spot price, according to Michael Maroney, Vice President, Monex Deposit Company.

But many people are discovering that one-ounce and smaller gold and silver coins are becoming harder and harder to find every day, according to Maroney. When these coins can be found, says Maroney, sellers are demanding (and receiving) premiums of up to 50% or more over the per-ounce spot price. "Investors are getting a classic lesson in the laws of supply and demand," says Maroney. "When demand increases for a declining supply of anything, the price tends to increase."

"It's the exact opposite of what's been happening in the 'paper investment' world," notes Maroney. "In stocks, in real estate and other 'paper-based' markets, demand is actually decreasing for an increasing supply of 'paper'. . . and accordingly, we're seeing far lower and even plunging prices in these markets," says Maroney. . . . read more

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