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Exiled Leader Fights For Xinjang.


A couple of years ago I had set up a wifi system around my house but it was down, I am thinking of making another one and I am going to name it "wifi republic".

I am going to re-organize my blogs too, now I am testing some templates, trying and testing them at this stage. I am trying to fully utilized the latest blogspot editor. Not doubt that they are better with many needs that are taken care of. However the new blogspot editor lack fluidity where we can used different blog templates for different categories of posts or entries.

However I had thought of this new format. Try
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I am still in the learning curve and I may not proceed with the present idea for I have to evaluate either to follow the existing system that blogspot new editor provide or do the necessary such as amending the html on the free template that I had obtained satisfactorily to get a system that I want.

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Dalang Ternakan Babi Kuala Langat

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Counseling Gaza's traumatized children

As George Bush concludes his trip to the Middle East in another effort to revive talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Gaza, the small, overcrowded strip of land slides ever deeper into economic catastrophe. Another in The Guardian's film series about life in Gaza, multimedia reporter Clancy Chassay meets those counseling the area's traumatized children. . . watch video

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Selected Position Speeches Pakatan Rakyat Malay Leaders

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The Iraqi Army occupation of Sadr City

US corporate media has found a feel good story about Iraq: “Operation Peace” – 3 brigades of 10 thousand Iraqi soldiers taking over the giant Sh’ite slum of Sadr City in Baghdad. Pepe Escobar says it is really still about Maliki supporting the al-Hakim family in its war of influence against the Sadr family.

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1. Somaliland, is planning to hold local council and Presidential elections.

2. Puntland, Somalia - Another Private Security Militia? –

Gen. Adde Muse, extradition ageement with Ethiopia and the situation especially economy and security of the region.

3. Somalia – Al Shabaab militia and ICU forces have taken another two the

The TFG Parliament building in the southwestern town of Baidoa has been under.

Ethiopia is guilty of acting against the United Nations Security Council arms embargo on Somalia. . . . read more

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Check RM100 notes for fakes

He sought the help of MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong who said this was the first RM100 fake note he had come across. He said he had been previously alerted of RM50 fake notes. . more
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Somalia in brief part 1.

Developments in Somalia may soon hit the air and major newspaper. Lets brace and pray for goodness to reach our darker skin brothers in Somalia. This too warrant us to know a little more about Somalia.

Conflict broke out again in early 2006 between a Pro-US alliance of Mogadishu warlords known as the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (or "ARPCT") and a militia loyal to the Islamic Courts Union (or ICU).

The militia loyal to the ICU was an indigenous developed forces – based on the cultural background of the Somalis and their inherent need to establish and maintain order, seeking to institute Sharia law in Somalia. This threatened the Pro-US TFG and US interest. . . more

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The 18 months stalemate - its over.

As a the news unfold, I waited for the announcement that the parties involved is going home to Beirut without a peace agreement. Some one played with fire, either Simir Geagea or Saad al-Hiriri and it is coming to Lebanon from both ends - the land from Israel and the sea from the Americans. All news from Almanar, Presstv not to mention BBC and Ynet sounds gloomy and the whole exercise hosted by Qatar seems futile. . . . more

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Islamic Party 4 Points Terms of Reference.

The President of Pan Malaysia Islamic Party (PMIP), popularly known here in Malaysia as PAS, Dato Seri Tuan Guru Haji Hadi Awang, while commenting of The Ex Prime Minister of Malaysia resignation from his Party, had taken the opportunity to highlight PMIP’s 4 Points Terms of Reference when dealing with cooperation with another party. Below are his statements, rendered into English by the blogger from its original which was in Malay. . . more

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The Doha Lebanese Peace Talks -Arab League mediation

The delegates at the Talks

The Doha talks was joined by Arab countries' delegates representing Qatar, Djibouti, Oman, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, the UAE, Yemen, and Bahrain too. So is Arab League Secretary General, Amr Mussa

There was some hiccups on the first day of the meeting the meeting when the Pro US government delegates, acting on a US-Israeli-Saudi agenda, especially Saad al-Hariri had taken the opportunity to raise the issue of the Resistance arms again. Which was ruled out by the Hezbollah MP Mohammed Raad and others in the opposition side, as non-negotiable and not part of the six points plan and so did the Organizing Host, PM of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani. . ..more

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A Sudden Case of Cold Feet

Various militias, including the smartly outfitted Hariri "Secure Plus" with its distinctive maroon tee-shirts and beige trousers, (now know locally by some as "Secure Minus") a hoped for future Blackwater operation in Lebanon disintegrated surprisingly quickly because many of its green recruits brought down from Tripoli felt misled and betrayed regarding their job description as they were handed weapons an instructed to fight Hezbollah. Snipers from anti-Opposition factions killed civilians from rooftops in Beirut trying to ignite a civil war.

Hezbollah, acting in self defense, according to various officials, quickly clamped down on the trouble makers, took control of the streets, within hours handed them over to the army, and virtually evacuated West Beirut, retaining one position near Bay Rocks manned by unarmed representatives. . . more

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It Is Wrong To Use Sedition Act To Charge Raja Petra

Lim said it is wrong to charge Raja Petra with Sedition Act. If the government thinks that his criticism is unreasonable, it should then charge him with defamation. . . more
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More than the Eagles had landed in Mogadishu.

US and French soldiers were dropped on Somalia soil in South Mogadishu on Friday 16 May 2008. The soldiers were then rushed to Adden Adde International Airport to meet AMISOM (African Union Mission In Somalia) and Somalia government troops.

Of late the there has been a series of setbacks for the occupation forces from Ethiopia, Somalia government forces and forces that claimed to be instituting order, consisting of Soldiers from Uganda and AMISOM. A large number of Soldiers from Ethiopia killed and more wounded during the fighting in May 2008. The Al-Shabaab militias of ICU were attacking military bases.

On the same day, Friday 16 May 2008 two towns – Dinsor and Bal’ad fell to Al-Shabaab Forces/ ICU (Islamic Court Union). The following day, Government Parliamentary Speaker Adan Madobe spoke with Mogadishu-based Radio Banadir, acknowledging Jilib had fallen to Al- Shabaab Forces / ICU

As for the US they are definitely successful, again in producing one of the worst humanitarian crisis, again in a muslim country, again in Somalia. How many US Presidents had done so?.. . . . more

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'Constitutional process sabotaged'

"This kind of misbehaviour is so unprecedented that were it not for the release of the video clip, it may never have come to light."

The commission found not only outside influence in judicial appointments, but also sabotage and serious defaults in the constitutional process.

It said the misbehaviour ranged from acts and omissions which were morally objectionable, outside the norms of professional ethical standards and which constituted crimes. . . . more

By : Elizabeth John and Sonia Ramachandran, NEW STRAITS TIMES
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What does sedition mean?

Gasp! By that definition, voting against the Government makes you a rebel. Being an Opposition member makes you a rebel. Criticising the Government makes you a rebel. . . more


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