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US elections- Is the fox guarding the henhouse?

Spencer Overton :" We need more transparency so that we truly have government of, by, and for the people."

As the US presidential election heads towards the final stretch, voter fraud and voter registration issues have hit the headlines. Republicans claim they are trying to protect the integrity of the voting process and the electorate, while Democrats accuse Republicans of voter suppression, putting up roadblocks, to disenfranchise voters Republicans think, will vote Democrat. Professor Spencer Overton states that there are "several examples of partisan election administration officials who are making decisions, and there is a cloud over their decisions, because of their partisan motivations that may be behind it." . . . . watch video

"We need an independent election commission"

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TG Nik Aziz on 16 Sept 08

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Rights of a child

The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia or Suhakam hopes the Government will sign the optional protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Suhakam commissioner Datuk Dr Raj Abdul Karim also highlights the issue of child pornography in Kuala Lumpur, Wednesday.
. . . . . Watch Video
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Invention of the Year

1. The Retail DNA Test - Inventor : Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of a consumer gene-testing service called 23andMe.

We are at the beginning of a personal-genomics revolution that will transform not only how we take care of ourselves but also what we mean by personal information. In the past, only élite researchers had access to their genetic fingerprints, but now personal genotyping is available to anyone who orders the service online and mails in a spit sample. Not everything about how this information will be used is clear yet — 23andMe has stirred up debate about issues ranging from how meaningful the results are to how to prevent genetic discrimination — but the curtain has been pulled back, and it can never be closed again. And so for pioneering retail genomics, 23andMe's DNA-testing service is Time's 2008 Invention of the Year. . . . read more

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US-Iraq troop deal "crushing defeat" for Bush

Gareth Porter: Bush admin is desperate for troop agreement as end date of UN authorization nears.

In an article on, journalist and investigative historian Gareth Porter analyzed the final draft of the US-Iraq Status of Forces Agreement on the US military presence in Iraq. He states that the agreement “represents an even more crushing defeat for the policy of the George W. Bush administration than previously thought.” The deal not only calls for a clear deadline for a withdrawal of combat troops by 2011, it will also be unlikely the a residual non-combat force of US Troops would be allowed to remain in Iraq for training and support purposes. Porter also states: “The clearest sign of the dramatically reduced US negotiating power is the willingness of the United States to give up extraterritorial jurisdiction over US contractors and their employees and over US troops in the case of major and intentional crimes that occur outside bases and while off duty.” The Real News Network spoke to Gareth Porter. . . watch video

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Pernahkah anda terdengar cerita akan seorang muslim yang menemui Rasulullah SAW memohon doa yang terbaik baginya. Doa empat kerat yang di beri oleh al-Mustafa itu banyak digunakan, disilit di antara doa-doa lain oleh para ulamak dan imam-imam selepas solat, doa itu jika di alih bahasa kedalam inggeris berbunyi:

Oh Allah, I seek your refuge against anxiety and grief,
Oh Allah, I seek your refuge against incapacity and sloth,
Oh Allah, I seek your refuge against niggardliness and cowardice,
Oh Allah, I seek your refuge against the burden of indebtedness
and the domination of man,
. . . . . seterusnya dengarlah kata-kata nasihat Ibnu Qayyim

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Capitalism is bankrupt

Their system creates recession, hunger and climate chaos, but they want you to pay

Until A few weeks ago, supporters of free market capitalism were confident enough to proclaim that their system was the only way that the world could be organised. Now their certainties have vanished. . . . more

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Iraq, SOFA and Mideast godfathers

But one thing is clear, those words, without a doubt, mean that if a country refuses to go under another country's tutelage, it will have to pay a heavy price. Maybe it is a kind of Saudi-style Arab nationalism, who knows, but Mr. Hashemian has not clarified whether patriotic Sunnis like Parliament Speaker Mahmud al-Mashhadani, who are opposed to the agreement, should be considered as Shias who are following Iran's orders.

SOFA envisages immunity for US contractors.
The picture shows one of the victims of
US firm Blackwater's massacre in Baghdad.

It seems certain, that if we take the stance adopted by satellite channels like al-Arabiya into account, we will easily be able to conclude that for the Middle East godfathers, Arab nationalism is only a tool to incite hatred among the region's nations. Am I wrong in saying that behind- the-scene policy-makers of al-Arabiya, the princes of shadows, are ready to sacrifice the sovereignty of another Muslim nation when it comes to their sectarian goals? . . . more

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Surat terbuka Zaid Ibrahim kepada PM

Sewaktu mengisytiharkan kemerdekaan negara, Perdana Menteri pertama kita telah melaungkan aspirasi dan mimpi indah rakyat Malaya: bahawa Malaya adalah diasaskan di atas prinsip-prinsip kebebasan dan keadilan serta di atas janji bahawa kita beramai-ramai akan sentiasa berjuang bagi meningkatkan lagi kebajikan dan kebahagiaan rakyatnya. . . . .

Saya percaya rakyat negara ini sudah cukup matang dan bergeliga bagi membezakan di antara tindakan-tindakan yang merupakan satu ancaman ’sebenar’ terhadap negara dengan tindakan-tindakan yang mengancam kepentingan-kepentingan politik. Rakyat Malaysia telah mengetahui bahawa ISA digunakan terhadap musuh-musuh politik dan kelihatannya bila kepimpinan sedang menghadapi cabaran sama ada dari dalam parti pemerintah sendiri atau dari elemen-elemen luar.

Rakyat Malaysia hari ini mahu melihat sebuah Kerajaan yang komited terhadap proses mahkamah bagi menentukan kebersalahan atau ketidakbersalahan walaupun untuk tindakan-tindakan yang dikatakan mengapi-apikan sentimen perkauman atau keagamaan. Kini mereka tidak begitu mempercayai bahawa hanya seorang individu, iaitu Menteri Dalam Negeri, yang paling tahu mengenai soal-soal keselamatan negara walaupun mereka sebelum ini pernah mempercayainya. Mereka menghargai kebebasan dan perlindungan ke atas kebebasan-kebebasan sivil dan ini pun benar bagi rakyat negara-negara lain juga. . . baca semua

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What is ISA?

Since 1960 when the Act was enacted, thousands of people including trade unionists, student leaders, labour activists, political activists, religious groups, academicians, NGO activists have been arrested under the ISA. Many political activists in the past have been detained for more than a decade.

...... more about ISA

...... RPK's lawyers filed against RPK's "ISA detention"

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From Mongolia to Malaysia a democratic headache

In the name of democracy, it is now possible to burn, to launch sex scandals and to kill people to establish regimes – the like in Iraq and Afghanistan – when the US too want to pursue a maddening concept that seems to be in rejection in many parts of the world. . . . read more

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US Agents Foil Obama Assassination Plot

28/10/2008 source :

Two white supremacist skinheads were arrested in Tennessee over plans to go on a killing spree and eventually shoot Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, court documents showed on Monday. . . . read all

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Unanswered Questions?

Private investigator P Balasubramaniam has made shocking claims that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had links with murdered Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu denied that private investigator P Balasubramaniam affirmed his first sworn statement under duress.

. . . including a word from RPK. read more
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MS offers peek through Windows 7

Microsoft has unveiled the latest version of its Windows operating system.

It promised that it will deliver a better experience for users when it arrives sometime late next year.

Windows 7 follows Vista, which Microsoft claims has been a success, but which has been subject to fierce criticism from a number of users.

The system was demonstrated at the company's Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. . . . read more

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Microsoft, Yahoo team up against lottery hoax e-mails

In such scams, victims are told that they have won a lottery, often in a foreign country, and are then asked to provide their personal and financial information to claim the winnings. In the current economic downturn, the fear is that desperate people will be more likely to take the bait.
. . . . . read more

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Malaysia - ranking making a free fall

Malaysia crashed into the bottom quarter of 173 countries in the worldwide press freedom ranking index released today by Paris-based watchdog Reporters sans Frontieres (RSF, Reporters Without Borders). MCPX . . . . read more
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Taktik Jenayah ini telah sampai di Kelantan.

AWAS! Di Rompak selepas di langgar

Bagaimanapun jelasnya, sebaik mangsa keluar untuk melihat kerosakan yang dialami, dua lelaki dari kereta terbabit turut keluar, tetapi terus memaksa guru itu masuk semula ke dalam keretanya.

"Mangsa di bawa ke sebuah ladang sawit, tetapi ketika berada di dalam kereta, seorang daripada penjenayah bukan sahaja mengugut mangsa malah tangannya dicucuk dan dikelar dengan pisau Rambo," katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini. . . . . baca seterusnya

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"Money as Debt" tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created. It is an entertaining way to get the message out. The Cowichan Citizens Coalition and its "Duncan Initiative" received high praise from those who previewed it. I recommend it as a painless but hard-hitting educational tool and encourage the widest distribution and use by all groups concerned with the present unsustainable monetary system in Canada and the United States.
. . . . see video

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ISA terhadap RPK

Penggunaan ISA terhadap pengendali laman blog Malaysia-Today, Raja Petra Kamaruddin dianggap sebagai langkah menyekat 'kemaraan' blogger tersebut mendedahkan lebih banyak lagi kebobrokan pimpinan negara, khususnya berkaitan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Isteri Raja Petra, Marina Lee Abdullah, berkata penahanan suaminya itu semata-mata menyekat Raja Petra berterusan menulis mengenai kepincangan Najib, khususnya menjelang peralihan kuasa tahun depan. . . . more

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Iraq parliament & people protests over SOFA
Sun, 26 Oct 2008 08:36:14 GMT

Iraqi lawmakers gather in front of the Baghdad parliament building in a third day of protests at a controversial US-sought security deal

A similar demonstration has been staged in Basra against a controversial security pact which the US is trying to convince Iraq to sign.

Baghdad has been the scene of massive
anti-SOFA protests in recent days.

Will Nouri sign the SOFA sellout deal ?
- - - read more

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The Philippines: The Collapse of Peace in Mindanao

Jakarta/Brussels, 23 October 2008: A new Supreme Court ruling has ended hope of a peaceful resolution in the near future to the decades-old conflict between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Philippines government.


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