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Exiled Leader Fights For Xinjang.


A couple of years ago I had set up a wifi system around my house but it was down, I am thinking of making another one and I am going to name it "wifi republic".

I am going to re-organize my blogs too, now I am testing some templates, trying and testing them at this stage. I am trying to fully utilized the latest blogspot editor. Not doubt that they are better with many needs that are taken care of. However the new blogspot editor lack fluidity where we can used different blog templates for different categories of posts or entries.

However I had thought of this new format. Try
anak matlesen to see the new format. The present PERWI is slightly messy as I had attempted to master the new blogspot editor. I think by doing that I had taken extra "memories".

I am still in the learning curve and I may not proceed with the present idea for I have to evaluate either to follow the existing system that blogspot new editor provide or do the necessary such as amending the html on the free template that I had obtained satisfactorily to get a system that I want.

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You take what GOD gives you!

A woman in Ohio has given birth to her second set of triplets - breaking odds of one in 64 million, doctors say.

A UK woman with two wombs is believed to be the first in the world with the condition to give birth to triplets.

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US Mortgage relief plan

US credits claims extra $10b
Fri, 31 Aug 2007 14:38:12
Source: Agencies

US President George Bush claims the US economy is robust.
The United State's Federal Reserve injects an additional $10 billion into the financial system amid the developing credits crisis in the US.

The endorsement of the ten billion dollar brings the total of injected funds into the financial system to a $147.25 billion since August 9, 2007.

President Bush said Friday here would be no bailout for speculators but offered proposals to help some who may lose their homes. Bush, who said the financial markets were in a period of transition called on Congress to pass legislation to help credit worthy homeowners under distress.

| 31-Aug-07 12:10 PM EST

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Domain Names Statistics - world's popular domain

Click the title to see a chart that represents the current statistics for many of the worlds most popular domains.

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What will Bush do to Chavez?

Venezuela sacks US oil companies
Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez
Thu, 30 Aug 2007 20:38:44

A Venezuelan minister says two
American oil
companies have been
asked to leave the country after
refusing to comply with the
state laws.

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Will G3 stops IAEA report to UNSC

Diplomacy can resolve Iran's N-issue
Fri, 31 Aug 2007 21:43:52
Source: PressTV, agencies
Former UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix

The former UN chief weapons inspector says diplomacy is the best way to resolve the standoff with Iran over its uranium enrichment program.

France, UK, US slam IAEA report

Thu, 30 Aug 2007 22:28:30

American, British, and French envoys to the IAEA Board of Governors have voiced their disapproval of improving Iran-IAEA cooperation.

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UEFA Champions League Group Stage

Fri, 31 Aug 2007 02:59:56
Source: PressTV and agencies

The group stage of the Champions League draw was made at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco and the 32 teams were split into 8 groups of four.

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Going Price of Fossil Fuel (OIL)

IEA criticizes OPEC target price
Thu, 30 Aug 2007 22:49:51
Source: AFP

Head of the IEA Claude Mandil has lashed out at the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries for its target price of $70 per barrel.

Crude price in NY rises above $73
Fri, 31 Aug 2007 06:39:41
Source: Agencies
drop in US oil production

After the unexpected drop in the US recent oil and gasoline inventories, crude price in New York has surged to its highest, $73 per barrel.

According to Bloomberg, a report by the US energy department said

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Making Money off Poland's Communist past.

The communist era is back in vogue in Poland -- among the tourist and culture industry at least. In Warsaw, two exhibitions about the period are showing in the city's main cultural centres with weekly screenings of propaganda films. In Krakow, one entrepreneur has jumped on the bandwagon and...

| 31-Jul-07 11:07 AM EST

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Yahoo Mail Raises the Stakes

After two years in Beta mode!
Personal Technology columnist Walt Mossberg reviews the latest version of Yahoo Mail, which allows users to manage email and instant messages, among other features. (Aug. 29).

| 29-Aug-07 04:21 PM EST

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US is the World's most armed society.

US citizens own 270 million guns.
There are some 270 million guns in the US, nearly 90 for every 100 citizens, this has turned the country into the world's most heavily armed society.

US citizens own 270 million of the world's 875 million known firearms, according to the Small Arms Survey 2007 by the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies.

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AU Somalia's Mission Extended.

Dumisani Kumalo, South Africa's ambassador to the UN, voiced disappointment at the resolution, saying: "I would like to see the UN deploy in Somalia."

"The AU is doing a job that the UN is supposed to be doing."

source : Agencies
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Iranian Champ player earns MVP award

Iran's volleyball player Mojtaba Ghiasi has been named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the 2007 Boys' Youth World Volleyball Championship.

Alireza Jadidi, another player in Iran's squad, won the best blocker award at the tournament.

Iran defeated China 3-2 early Monday in an all Asian final.

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Gul elected Turkey's president

Source AlManar TV

28/08/2007 The Turkish parliament on Tuesday elected Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul as president, making him the secular republic's first head of state.

The Turkish Parliament has elected Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul as the country's president, dealing a blow to staunch secularists.

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Mothers, beware of Aerobics.

Jane Fonda's high-impact aerobic videos got a whole generation up and moving. But now, as Dr. Emily Senay reports, many fans are feeling a different kind of burn.

| 27-Aug-07 01:21 PM EST

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US AG Alberto Gonzales Quits

Gonzales said on Monday he was resigning as of Sept. 17 but gave no reason for his sudden decision to depart after months of controversy. In a statement at the Justice Department, Gonzales thanked President George W. Bush for his friendship and said despite his own troubles, he considered it a...

| 27-Aug-07 10:52 AM EST

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Announcements : Birth and Marriage

Ghaz - Yu Nah .....
Kak Ti - Mok Cik Noh......
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Terkuburnya Kelantan Delights di Suria KLCC

Malam tadi adalah malam terakhir restoran Kelantan Delights – satu-satunya sahaja restoran masakan Melayu yang beroperasi di Suria KLCC – menghidang makanan di situ. Mulai esok (23hb Ogos) berakhirlah riwayatnya setelah beroperasi selama 10 tahun memperkenalkan masakan Melayu, khususnya makanan Kelantan seperti nasi kerabu dan nasi dagang kepada pelancung dalam dan luar negeri di situ.......

Oleh Datuk Rejal Arbee
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IAEA Chief slams US arms deals

The head of the UN's nuclear agency has criticized US moves to supply weapons to its allies in the Mideast, saying the money would be better spent on regional development projects.
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Sophisticated Fed Moves

Economist Ward Curran calls the recent move by the Fed.....

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