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A couple of years ago I had set up a wifi system around my house but it was down, I am thinking of making another one and I am going to name it "wifi republic".

I am going to re-organize my blogs too, now I am testing some templates, trying and testing them at this stage. I am trying to fully utilized the latest blogspot editor. Not doubt that they are better with many needs that are taken care of. However the new blogspot editor lack fluidity where we can used different blog templates for different categories of posts or entries.

However I had thought of this new format. Try
anak matlesen to see the new format. The present PERWI is slightly messy as I had attempted to master the new blogspot editor. I think by doing that I had taken extra "memories".

I am still in the learning curve and I may not proceed with the present idea for I have to evaluate either to follow the existing system that blogspot new editor provide or do the necessary such as amending the html on the free template that I had obtained satisfactorily to get a system that I want.

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Israeli minister: Nasrallah never lies
Al-Manar Special - Hanan Awarekeh / Readers Number : 794

15/08/2007 Israel must take seriously Hezbollah Secretary General (Sayyed) Hassan Nasrallah, a senior Israeli minister said on Wednesday.
"We have to take (Sayyed) Nasrallah seriously, he has never lied," Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, a member of Israel's security cabinet, told army radio.
"He is arrogant, but he does what he says," he said. "If he says he has 2,000 rockets, I believe him, but I do not know what surprise he is alluding to."
He was referring to a speech by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday marking the Divine victory, one year after the Israeli army was defeated by Hezbollah during last year's aggression.
"If you, the Zionists, are considering attacking Lebanon, I am reserving a surprise for you that will change the fate of the war and the region as a whole," his eminence said. Ben-Eliezer also said Israel did not want a conflict with Syria, but was preparing for any possibility. "Our problem is that we do not know what Syrian officials have in their heads," he said. "The Syrian leaders proclaim they do not want a war, but their country does not stop arming itself. That is why we have to be ready for the worst. "A war on two fronts, in Lebanon and in Syria cannot be excluded," he said.
The United States decided to increase Israel's yearly military aid to 30 billion USD as part of a controversial package of US military aids to other Arab states.

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America’s Extensive Islamic Heritage Detailed in Exhibitions.

He says that as a Muslim, he has found the stories that he uncovered inspiring. American Muslims from various backgrounds “kept their faith no matter how bad things were,” he said during a presentation at the State Department August 9.

“Muslims and Islam have been a part of the American fabric for centuries,” he said. “It is part of the many threads of culture, colors, religions and lifestyles that make up the American pluralistic quilt.”
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Turkey’s Islamic president? Second Nomination.

When Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan proposed Gul as his party's candidate the last time, it ignited a backlash from the secular opposition, which accused Gul of having an agenda to scrap the secular traditions of the predominantly Muslim nation.
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