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Food Prices Hike : The evil of Capitalism, driven by profit not morality.

writes: "The reason for food 'shortages' is speculation in commodity futures following the collapse of the financial derivatives markets. Desperate for quick returns, dealers are taking trillions of dollars out of equities and mortgage bonds and ploughing them into food and raw materials. It's called the 'commodities super-cycle' on Wall Street, and it is likely to cause starvation on an epic scale.

Who pays the price of speculators' greed? . . . more

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The Ben Bernanke effect on Gold and Oil.

Ben Bernanke's dollar-supportive words had a chilling and immediate effect on both gold and oil. The commodity duo started to fall apart shortly after comments by the Fed Chairman echoed . . . . more

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Commodity Oil, Why the price is so high?

Who sets global Crude Oil prices?

MUMBAI: As Crude Oil is setting the global economy on fire and fears of recession, there is a frequent question people ask. Who sets the oil prices?

The answer generally comes: oil price is set by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), a permanent intergovernmental oil organization, created in 1960 by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. . . more

How to explain the oil price? Why is it so high? Are we running out? Are supplies disrupted, or is the high price a reflection of oil company greed or OPEC greed. Are Chavez and the Saudis conspiring against us?
. . more

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Is this, what Bush make us to believe?

Have you ever visit a terrorist site, manned by Hezbollah - almanar

Compare this to a non-terrorist site of Samir Geagea-Lebanese Forces

Well thats what Bush & Olmert told us all.

Samir Geagea - Leader of the Lebanese Forces

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What will Pak Lah bring to Kelantan? Part 2

PAS progressively graduated from selling cassettes, to compact disks (CDs), to using the electronic media, made possible by the rigorous development in field of ICT. became PAS’s mouth piece. Tun Dr Mahathir realized that. It is a sheer lack of intelligence for the BN under Pak Lah and his level 4 ‘smart boys’ to rule out the electronic without borders media, name calling bloggers. Only one day to admit their oversight after losses on the ground, in the last general election. In this aspect, it can be safely claimed or concluded that PAS is a decade ahead of UMNO or BN. It is a lesson taught to all the opposition parties and learned well by them.

The politics have change, the mentality have metamorphose The people of Kelantan understand that within each of their capacity and responsibility, the State and Federal government have to deliver social and infrastructural development to the State of Kelantan or else stop collecting taxes. What the federal government fails to recognize is to bring back faith, wins the hearts and minds of the people. . . more

to read What will Pak Lah Bring to Kelantan?Part 1

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Increase in KWI (Keluarga Wan Ishak)

Two school holidays had gone passed for the year 2008. I had been invited to two Walimah or Kenduri Kawin or Bekwah as the locals put it, of direct descendents of HWI (Haji Wan Ishak), they are as follows:-

1. First term holiday.

Abe Kamal, a teacher and now a Penolong Kanan 1 of of his former school Sekolah Kebangsaan Temangan married off his eldest daughter, Malihah at his house in Kampong Chat Rimau, Tanah Merah, Kelantan. Abe Kamal is the youngest child and the only son of Allahyarhamah Wan Jah.

2. Second term Holiday.

Mini also a teacher, had a ‘bekwah’ too when her eldest daughter Sarah was married at her house in Stor Lima, Batu 31, Jalan Kuala Krai, Machang. Mini is the third child of Yu Nah.

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Anak muda tubuh ‘Geramm’ untuk bantah minyak

KUALA LUMPUR 12 Jun (SK) - Beberapa organisasi, antaranya Angkatan Muda KeADILan (AMK), Anwar Ibrahim Club (AIC), Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKPIM) dan Ikatan Kebajikan Rakyat sepakat menubuhkan Gerakan Rakyat Anti Manipulasi Minyak atau Geramm.

Ketika sidang media di Petaling Jaya, pagi ini, Ketua AMK, Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin menyatakan komited Geramm untuk terus menggembleng dan menggerakkan mobilisasi rakyat untuk menyatakan protes secara berterusan

“Gerram akan terus mendepani rakyat dan generasi muda untuk terus menyatakan protes agar kerajaan menarik balik kenaikan minyak di pasaran dan membincangkan kaedah serta formula terbaik demi kesejahteraan rakyat,” katanya. . . . more

In future you may click on the banner Suara Keadilan On Line on the side bar, to access to SK. Doing so on any banner will lead you to the respectives blog or site.
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MCOBA Assistance : Piala Hamdan Tahir, MCKK's achievement.

MCOBA (Malay College Old Boys Association) and MCOBs (Malay College Old Boys) have given moral & financial support in many ways to MCKK including sports. It is a way for them to pay back their alma mater. Since every year there is a competition, for the sporting event it is Basketball, between SBPs (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh). There will be a series of qualifying rounds culminating into the finals of Hari Kecermelangan Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (HKSBP).

Basketball have been an area of success stories for MCOBA, MCOBs & MCKK.

The MCKK's basketball team affectionately known as Cagers, have successfully defended their title for the 5th consecutive times and 13th overall.

A word of thanks for a MCOB who is directly involved:
Thank you to all for the support. Quest-4-Glory II will continue after the target for Quest-4-Glory I, has been met, 5 consecutive champions. Quest-4-Glory II will continue as long as there is support from Oldboys, insyaallah.

To view the results.

It does stop at that, MCOBs also assist Srikandi (STF Oldgirls) to come up with a formidable winning team, in their initiative, to achieve similar desired results, R2V (Return to Victory). Srikandi & STF too, with their R2V, this year achieved - being the Champion (for girls) for the second consecutive year.

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A Guide for shoppers :

Barcodes for boycott of Danish & Dutch goods or if you are rich enough
to buy over the producing companies.

Denmark code 57

Netherlands code 87

For the record, Malaysia's code is 955. . . . more

barcode bagi keluaran negara yahudi
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Cuba to abandon salary equality

Cuban pesos
The average salary in Cuba is about $20 (£10) a mon

Cuba is to abolish its system of equal pay for all and allow workers and managers to earn performance bonuses, a senior official has announced.

The average wage in Cuba for everyone - from doctors to farm labourers - is about $20 (£10) a month. the news
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Independent Party Suffers Blow With Frohnmayer’s Departure

Linda Williams: “We’re saddened that someone with his background and his substantive strengths couldn’t break through the two-party system barrier.”

The Independent Party is less than two years old. A few months ago it surpassed the Libertarians to become the state’s third largest political party. . . more

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What will Pak Lah Bring to Kelantan?

I believe that Pak Lah's next visit wil be Kelantan, what will he bring to Kelantan?

The people of the State of Kelantan have been unique, with a unique political history since Independence. If I am not mistaken Perikatan (Alliance) failed to rule Kelantan, after the1969 racial riot Perikatan "kautim" PAS into a "Malay Unity" front to form the Barisan National (BN) that includes many other racial based parties, . . more.

Pak Lah Disappoints Sarawak

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made a flying visit to Sarawak Tuesday (10 June) but much to the disappointment of the host state, he did not dish put the much expected goodies like he did on his recent visit to neighbouring Sabah, apart from promising that all government rural projects would be reviewed and accorded priority. . . more

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Five major challenges facing Malaysia's PM

Wed Jun 11, 2008 2:55pm IST

June 11 (Reuters) - Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, fighting for his political survival since an election in March, is now weathering a storm. . .


…… read more
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BERSIH for free and fair election in Malaysia

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What is sedition? (Part 2)

The Sedition Act was introduced by the British Colonial masters in 1948, the same year that the autonomous Federation of Malaya came into being, with the intent of curbing opposition to colonial rule and to stifle Umno’s struggle for Merdeka which was launched in 1946. In short, the Sedition Act is an anti-Umno and anti-Merdeka law. . . more

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Click the wrong link and wind up in jail.

In the 10 Things blog, Deb Shinder recently pointed out 10 ways you might be breaking the law with your computer and not even know it. There’s yet another way that wasn’t mentioned in that article. Specifically it has to do with recent arrests made by the FBI in suspected child pornography cases. . . more

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US Congressman Moves to Impeach Bush

Former Democratic presidential contender, Dennis Kucinich, has called for the impeachment of George W Bush claiming that the president set out to deceive the nation, and violated his oath of office with the Iraq war.

The Ohio representative yesterday introduced 35 articles of impeachment against Bush on the floor of the US House of Representatives.

Bob Fertik, President of, said: "We've waited seven years to find one Member of Congress brave enough to stand up for our Constitution, for which generations of Americans have fought and died.

"We are thrilled and honored that Dennis Kucinich has chosen to be that one genuine patriot.

"We congratulate him on his historic leadership, and pledge to do everything in our power to persuade Congress to adopt all 35 Articles and put George W Bush on trial before the Senate of the United States, exactly as the Founding Fathers wanted."

Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that there will be no consideration of impeachment proceedings against Bush and said the idea was "off the table." . . . . more

courtesy : informatioclearinghouse (news from ICH obtainable in the side bar of this blog)

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Higher education loan no longer tied to savings account

Previously, parents needed to open a National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN) account in order to qualify for the loan.

“To ease the burden on students wanting to obtain a study loan, the Government has decided that the ruling on compulsory savings would not be enforced this year. . . more

Courtesy StarOnlineTuesday June 10, 2008 MYT 10:04:40 PM

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Welcome to "dogs eat dogs" world.

Aiyya, now it is really turning into a "dogs eat dogs" world - among our Federal Government Ex-Leaders, Leaders and wannabe Leaders. Justice Chin joining in from the court.

Keep it coming, we want to see both sides of the coin, so as to "know" more about the coin. . . more.
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Somali Islamist rejects ceasefire

Page last updated at 10:12 GMT, Tuesday, 10 June 2008 11:12 UK

File photo of Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys from 2005
Hassan Dahir Aweys is one of two leaders of the Union of Islamic Courts

A top Somali Islamist leader has rejected a UN-brokered, three-month ceasefire deal signed by Somalia's government and an opposition bloc.

Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys promised to continue fighting until all foreign troops leave the country. Representatives from the Somalia armed insurgent group al-Shabaab who fights the Somali government forces and their Ethiopian allies, were not participating in the peace talks in Djiboti.

The presence of the Ethiopian forces in Somalia has been a sore point in the peace process. The deal was signed by another top Islamist leader, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, and Prime Minister Nur Adde.

Mr Aweys, the founder of the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) that ruled much of Somalia in 2006 before being ousted by Ethiopian forces backed by Somali government troops, is a member of the opposition alliance based in Eritrea but has never supported the peace talks. . . more

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Food Crisis, collapsing economy and a political suppression, Mugade in Rome with Grace Shopping.

Food Crisis, collapsing economy and a political suppression but Mugade in Rome with Grace Shopping.

The Independent of UK says, “the grotesque irony of the situation was lost on no one. "Robert Mugabe going to Rome for the food summit is like Pol Pot going to a human rights convention," said Lord Malloch-Brown, the British Foreign Office minister for Africa, referring to the mastermind of the Cambodian genocide.”

The British representative to the meeting, Douglas Alexander, the International Development Secretary, said Mr Mugabe's appearance was "obscene".

Do not forget the First Lady., Grace Mugabe is known as the First Shopper of Zimbabwe was also shopping in Rome while the Zimbabweans go to bed with empty stomachs. . . see videos.

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Confessions from a High Court Judge?

SIBU: A High Court judge here yesterday made some startling revelations at the commencement of the proceedings of the election petition filed by the DAP candidate for the Sarikei parliamentary seat, Wong Hus She, to declare the result of the March 8 general election for the seat void.

The Barisan Nasional candidate, Ding Kuong Hing, won the seat with a slim majority of 51 votes.

Justice Datuk H C Ian Chin informed the parties in open court that he had certain disclosures to make at the start of the proceedings, saying he was doing so to forestall any complaints that might be made by the parties later.

Chin then proceeded to make his disclosure the contents of which could only be described as explosive, coming hot on the heels of the findings of the Royal Commission in the Lingam video tape. . . read more.

Read Che Det explanation or claims on the Royal commission on Tun Salleh Abbas Case.

Che Det says :

"47. I then went about getting the Tribunal approved and set up. Naturally I had to consult the Attorney-General and others who were familiar with judges. Once the Tribunal was set up my involvement ended."

Q1. That may be true with Tun Salleh but What about with other judges within the judiciary?

Malaysia kini reported the same (dedicated for those more proficient in Bahasa) :

Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Sarawak, Datuk Ian HC Chin, membabitkan bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan bekas Ketua Hakim Negara, Tun Eusoff Chin - dua personaliti penting dalam kes skandal Datuk VK Lingam, yang telah menggemparkan bidang kehakiman negara. Akhbar Borneo Post melaporkan dakwaan Chin.

Datuk Ian HC Chin

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PM should seek Parliament approval on June 23 for hefty oil price increases.

Excerpts of my remarks at the Ipoh Protest( organised by DAP) this morning:

The sudden hefty oil price increases – 40.6 per cent and 63.3 per cent increase in pump petrol price and diesel price respectively – creating a seven-hour nation-wide chaos is an outrage as it is most unconscionable, unjustifiable and deplorable reflecting poorly on good governance in Malaysia especially after ministerial undertaking that there would be no changes until August.

The introduction of annual cash rebate of RM625 to those who own cars of 2,000 cc and below, and pick-up trucks and jeeps of 2,500 cc and below, and cash rebate of RM150 a year for owners of motor-cycles of 250 cc and below, as well as road tax discounts, will not be able to fully cushion the low and middle-income Malaysians from the inflationary spiral which would be unleashed by the greatest hike in oil prices in the nation’s history. . . . read more

The speaker says only the PM has a right to call for a parliamentary into sessions, the PAS MPs who seek for a parliament sitting were called naive on RTM, but Why was Parliament by-passed altogether by the Cabinet?

Pemuda Pakatan Rakyat seluruh negara akan hadir dan memimpin Demontrasi Rakyat yang akan diadakan pada 13 Jun 2008 di ibu negara.

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Oil Money - who will have the last laugh to the banks?

Three years ago the selling price of crude was about USD30 per barrel. Today it is USD130 – an increase of USD100. There is hardly any increase in the production cost so that the extra USD100 can be considered as pure profit.

Our 250,000 barrels of export should earn us 250,000 x 100 x 365 x 3 = RM27,375,000,000 (twenty seven billion Ringgit).

But Petronas made a profit of well over RM70 billion, all of which belong to the Government.

By all accounts the Government is flushed with money.

I wonder – who has the last laugh to the banks! For the last Cabinet under Pak Lah it was one Patrict Lim, at for Terengganu , that's according to Che Det. Please revealed more . . . read more

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Tweedle McCain Tweedle Obama - all roads in US politics leads to Israel.

In Part 1 of his commentary, The Real News Network Senior News Analyst Aijaz Ahmad tells us that when Senator Barack Obama finished his speech at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington DC, he got an applause more thunderous than there had been for McCain on the first day . Obama has come along way from the days when Karl Rove called him a man of the far left. He no longer speaks of the "tragic plight of the Palestinians" and adds that postponing elections would have been the best way to deal with Hamas as they were sure to win a majority in free elections - video 1.

In Part 2 of his commentary, The Real News Network Senior News Analyst Aijaz Ahmad talks about Senator Barack Obama's speech at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington DC this week. Obama talks about how he would deal with Iran including using military force if necessary to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. He also suggests that in 2002 the US should have "pursued a str.ategy” to address the threat posed by Iran instead of invading Iraq - video 2.

In US all roads in politics leads to Israel, Both political parties in US find common ground when it comes to Israel - video three. Obama sounds hawkish on Hamas and Iran but he's open to negotiations- video 4.

Watch them all - videos.

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Nadal dominates Federer for fourth consecutive French Open crown

In 2005, Federer reached the semifinals, then lost to Nadal.

In 2006, 2007 and 2008, Fededer went a step further, reaching the final, then came up short against his nemesis every time.

Think of it this way: Over the past four French Opens, Federer is 0-4 against Nadal, 23-0 against anyone else. Or this way: Federer is a combined 12-0 in finals at Wimbledon (beating Nadal the last two years), the U.S. Open and the Australian Open, and 0-3 in finals at the French Open.

"If I am playing my best tennis ever, I'm never going to win 6-1, 6-3, 6-0 against Roger Federer, no? For sure, it's impossible," the second-ranked Nadal said. "He didn't play very well. Everybody knows that."

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The Deal American wants from Iraq Part 4

The proposed deal is controversial both in Washington — where Democrats see it as a move to tie the hands of the next U.S. President, and are pressing for it to be subject to congressional approval — and also in Baghdad, where many Iraqi leaders fear that they're being asked to sign away their sovereignty. Negotiators for both sides emphasize that respect for Iraqi sovereignty will be the basis of any deal. But they don't appear to mean the same things by "sovereignty." . . more

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Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA - a thousand candle vigil

About 1000 Malaysians of all ages and background walked for about four kilometers on a candle vigil to protest against the draconian ISA outside Kamunting detention camp in Taiping, Perak last night.

The gathering created history as the authorities gave full cooperation after holding discussions with Perak senior executive council member Dato' Ngeh Ko Ham. . . more

Sambil membawa lilin, kira-kira 1,000 rakyat Malaysia dari semua peringkat umur dan latarbelakang, berjalan sejauh kira-kira empat kilometer dan memgadakan upacara membantah ISA di luar Kem Tahanan Kamunting di Taiping, Perak malam tadi. . . . more

Mat Sab Mat Satray, 45, Suami kepada Pengarah kempen GMI, Norlaila Othman, adalah mereka yang didakwa menjadi anggota JI dan telah ditahan di kem tersebut sejak enam tahun yang lalu.

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Opposition Makes List of Future Movement Attacks

According to opposition sources, the memorandum included 37 incidents in the Tarik el-Jdideh region (the stronghold of Future Movement) with at least three shooting incidents, tossing grenades, beating, stabbing, tossing stones, threatening families and store owners, erecting roadblocks and checking the IDs of passengers, burning factories, banning the owners of some damaged stores from rebuilding them and attacking other stores and motorcycles. . . more.

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Sarkozy's Lebanese Visit - Guess who accompanied him?

Sarkozy, who is heading a large delegation, arrived Saturday from Athens and was received at Beirut airport by Suleiman and Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. His office has described the visit as an "unprecedented'' effort to show French support for the Lebanese people.

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France visit Lebanon

France's main opposition leaders, Socialist Francois Hollande, the centrist Francois Bayrou, communist Marie-George Buffet and the left-wing leader Jean-Michel Baylet will accompany Sarkozy in this state visit, intended to send out a "message of unity" to the country.

The delegation is set to meet with leaders of 14 Lebanese political parties, including Hezbollah. Initially the date of this visit was the dateline intended to formalize the crytalization of the Unity Government Cabinet - Flopped!

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Unity Government deadlock in Lebanon?

On the June 6, 2008 Almanar had reported that Hariri had suspended talks on the New Cabinet (Unity government) line up. Now there are report that Hariri had revoked that decision.

However there has been hackling among the ruling bloc regarding the appointments of the Cabinet posts especially to fill up the Maronite Chistian Quota and also the Sunni quota.

The new government should comprise 30 ministers. According to the political distribution, the loyalty bloc takes 16 seats, the opposition takes 11 and the President takes 3 ministers.

In terms of confessions, the government should be made up of 6 Maronite, 6 Sunni, 6 Shiite, 4 Orthodox, 3 Druze, 3 Catholic and 2 Armenian Ministers. Such distribution has put the loyalty bloc in front of a big problem on the Christian and Sunni levels. . . more details

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Rebellion. It's the word of the moment in Westminster.

In this world of tightly whipped discipline, any deviation from the party line is seen as a courageous act of career-crushing defiance.

But the proposal that is really getting rebel watchers excited is contained in the Counter-Terrorism Bill.
The House of Commons votes on Wednesday on extending 28-day detention limit to 42 days - and the result remains impossible to call

Mr Brown - British PM

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IBM aims to cool chips with water

The water cooling technology was built into IBM's 3D chips

A network of tiny pipes of water could be used to cool next-generation PC chips, researchers at IBM have said.

Scientists at the firm have shown off a prototype device layered with thousands of "hair-width" cooling arteries.

They believe it could be a solution to the increasing amount of heat pumped out by chips as they become smaller and more densely packed with components.

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Israel threatens Iran

On Saturday, Reuters reported that the Iranian UN ambassador Mohammad Khazaee had written to the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon demanding action from the Security Council in response to the Israeli threat. . . more

Mofaz, Israel's deputy Prime Minister. a former army chief, may be lining up a challenge to Olmert, said military strikes to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons looked "unavoidable".

Israeli deputy prime minister

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