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Tian Chua - menghuraikan hukuman ke atas beliau dan Perjuangan PKR

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Exiled Leader Fights For Xinjang.


A couple of years ago I had set up a wifi system around my house but it was down, I am thinking of making another one and I am going to name it "wifi republic".

I am going to re-organize my blogs too, now I am testing some templates, trying and testing them at this stage. I am trying to fully utilized the latest blogspot editor. Not doubt that they are better with many needs that are taken care of. However the new blogspot editor lack fluidity where we can used different blog templates for different categories of posts or entries.

However I had thought of this new format. Try
anak matlesen to see the new format. The present PERWI is slightly messy as I had attempted to master the new blogspot editor. I think by doing that I had taken extra "memories".

I am still in the learning curve and I may not proceed with the present idea for I have to evaluate either to follow the existing system that blogspot new editor provide or do the necessary such as amending the html on the free template that I had obtained satisfactorily to get a system that I want.

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Launch of "anak matlesen" weblog to replace PERWI

Today I am announcing the launching of this new BLOG.

PERWI will be there as archive. Still available to access old records. Today also marked the day Negeri won the Malaysia Cup, Negeri is now leading 3 nil with some 25 minutes to go and it is highly possible that Kelantan will have to settle being the runners-up in the Malaysia Cup. Kudos to the MB (Manager Bola) Tan Sri Annuar Musa - for he is a jolly good fellow!

As for those who had earlier RSS the blog when it was under "beta" have to RSS again as I had change the blog name to somename that I can identify more with myself . I had ran the necessary test, by not doing so, (ie not RSS again ) means that the message you will get is that the new blog has never been updated after 2 or 3 entries!

I had earlier, decided to start up on 1-1- 2010 but I change my mind. I am doing this change immediately for I could not stand the layout of PERWI which I had messed up by using the latest "blogger editor" when posting. I have to however delay my "wifi republic" project until my older kids are home and I could use their notebooks to test & commission the whole thing.

I still have to tidy up the new blog. I have three more otustanding issues to address, overcome and close them before it becomes as what I want. To those who are able and willing to assist me do email me from the new blog in "contact blogger" at the footer of the new blog when you visit it.

Lastly more important do visit the BLOG and RSS it!

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Insan dan Manikam.

Ya insan yang hadir, Dengarkan semua, Ku isytiharkan dengan hati terbuka, Ya insan yang daif, Insaflah semua, Manikam yang di sangkakan, Bukan yang asli, Hanya seiras dan serupa, Ya insan yang hagas, Awasilah semua, Maya yang indah, Ada kudisnya, Jangan terpedaya. seterusnya >>

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Royalti minyak - H.A,K

Ini HAK, Hak Anak Kelantan, Rakyat Kelantan bukan meminta sedekah - Rakyat Kelantan memperjuangkan hak di atas semangat federalisme. Kita (ahli parlimen PAS) akan perjuangkan hak ini. seterusnya >>

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Falsafah secara mudah

After being harassed, former Mufti of Perlis, Asri spoke of Dictatorship, freedom, radiculosness of Tauliah, right to differ and individual liberty & enmity between individuals. seterusnya >>

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PM terdahulu janji Royalti akan dikembalikan

PM terdahulu janji Royalti akan dikembalikan (1) - MP PAS Kuala Terengganu Bahas Bajet 2010 - YB Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut membahaskan Rang Undang-undang Perbekalan 2010 (Peringkat Dasar) di Dewan Rakyat pada 4 November 2009.
watch : watch videos > >

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"Sekali lagi kami berharap perdana menteri berfikir semula dan mengambil kira tuntutan ini atas prinsip kesaksamaan, kedaulatan wilayah dan semangat federalisme yang utuh serta penghormatan perjanjian yang termaktub demi kesejahteraan dan keharmonian negara malaysia," katanya.

"Kerajaan negeri tidak (dapat) menerima bayaran wang ehsan yang diumumkan hari ini bagi menggantikan bayaran wang royalti minyak kepada Kelantan," katanya dalam laporan Bernama.

Bagaimanapun, tambahnya, kerajaan negeri menganggap pemberian wang ehsan itu satu langkah pertama hasil inisiatifnya dalam tuntutan royalti minyak.
more > >

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Build your own PC - part 2

If you are a real PC enthusiast, this question may be a non-issue. The answer may be as obvious as the color of the sky. This is predictable, of course. When one builds their own PC, they are able to not only understand their PC better because they built it, but they are able to choose each component that goes into their PC. There is really something to be said for choosing your own components, and I’ll go into that further below. There is also a certain sense of satisfaction with having built a PC. One spends a few hours (or less for those more familiar with the process) to put the thing together. Then comes the moment of truth when one hits the power switch for the first time. If it works on the first try, its beer time! Oops time to celebrate!! watch video > >

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Build your own PC - part 1

In most cases, it saves money, and it guarantees you get what you want. It also assures you avoid proprietary designs many companies use to keep you coming to them for new parts. Best of all, having built the system yourself, you become very familiar with that system and with computers in general. read the rest>>

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Najib not convinced MCA crisis is over

The Prime Minister said there must also be a political solution to the party's crisis a day after the MCA central committee reaffirmed Dr Chua as the party No. 2 to president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, following a volte-face from the Registrar of Societies (RoS) in deciding the issue.

"The same happened with Tee Keat and it happened again with Soi Lek. MCA decided the party constitution be such and the RoS interpret it as such," the prime minister added.    more >>

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Pakatan finally applies to be formal coalition

At last, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has taken a big step towards formalising its alliance in order to go head on with Barisan Nasional (BN) as a registered coalition at the next general election.
The Malaysian Insider understands that officials from the PR alliance handed in their application to be made a formal coalition to the Registrar of Societies (RoS) some time earlier this week.  read more > > 

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Kelantan akan dapat wang ehsan sahaja

Ia bermula apabila ahli Parlimen Kubang Kerian Salahuddin Ayub meminta Najib menjelaskan bilakah tuntutan royalti kerajaan negeri Kelantan akan dilangsaikan oleh Petronas. 

Menjawab soalan itu, Najib menjelaskan bahawa pihak kerajaan sedang mempertimbang untuk memberikan wang ehsan langsung kepada rakyat Kelantan. 

Dewan menjadi kecoh dengan njawapan yang diberikan Najib itu kerana ia dianggap menipu dan menafikan hak rakyat Kelantan. 

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MP bebas minta Hutang tertunggak PTPTN dihapuskira

MP minta Hutang tertunggak PTPTN dihapuskira - Soalan tambahan MP Bebas dan MP PKR Lembah Pantai kepada soalan asas No. 3. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah [ Gua Musang ] minta MENTERI PENGAJIAN TINGGI menyatakan berapakah jumlah sebenar hutang PTPTN yang tertunggak dan apakah perancangan Kerajaan dalam membantu siswazah yang tidak berpeluang menerima pinjaman untuk meneruskan pengajian mereka di pusat-pusat pengajian tinggi di dalam dan luar negara. [3 November 2009].  more >>

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Karadzic attends trial, calls for delay

Appearing for the first time in his genocide trial in The Hague, wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic (photo) has asked the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal for further delays in the proceedings.

Karadzic arrived at the court on Tuesday following a boycott of the trial, which opened more than a week ago.  more> >

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Why the Rise in the Gold Price is Different this Time.

For over more than 18 months we have watched the gold price churn below $1,000 and in the process forming three tops, before breaking out to above $1,050 in early October 2009. Why will it not fall back to well below $1,000 and possibly as far as $850 this time?    more .>>>

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Dewan Pemuda PAS Negeri Perak (DPPN Pk) yakin Artikel 72 Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang menyatakan kesahihan sebarang prosiding di dalam Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) di mana-mana negeri tidak boleh dipersoalkan oleh mana-mana mahkamah adalah bukti yang kukuh tentang kedudukan Datuk Seri Ir. Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin sebagai Menteri Besar yang sebenar dan sah di sisi Undang-Undang kerana penggugurannya telah di buat di luar DUN Perak.
more > > >

source : perakexpress

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Since its founding in 1948 the State of Israel has regularly kidnapped and tortured Palestinians, throwing them into forgotten prisons where they can languish for years. Today, over 11,000 Palestinian political prisoners without benefit of due process, some never even charged - men, women, and children endure torture and isolation in Israeli jails, outdoor prison camps, and secret black sites. More > >

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Depression link to processed food

Those who ate the most whole foods had a 26% lower risk of future depression than those who at the least whole foods.

By contrast people with a diet high in processed food had a 58% higher risk of depression than those who ate very few processed foods. more > >

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After 20 Years of Filmmaking on US Injustices, Michael Moore Goes to the Source in “Capitalism: A Love Story”

Beginning with the 1989 classic Roger & Me, the Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore says his films “come back to this central core concern, which is the economic system we have is unfair, it’s unjust, it’s not democratic.” With his new film, Capitalism: A Love Story, Moore tackles the financial system and the interchanging circles of Washington politicians and corporate managers that run it. Moore says, “I thought I’d just cut to the chase and propose that we deal with this economic system and try to restructure it in a way that benefits people and not the richest one percent.” [includes rush transcript]

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Umno pengumpul sampah dan barang lusuh

Tindakan Umno mahu menerima Adun Perlabuhan Klang, Badrol Hisham Abdullah mengesahkan kedudukan Umno sebagai pengumpul sampah dan barang lusuh sebagaimana yang mereka lakukan di Perak, di Kedah dan sekarang di Selangor, kata Profesor Dr Abdul Aziz Bari.

Abdul Aziz, profesor undang-undang perlembagaan Universiti Islam Antarabangsa berkata demikian dalam tulisan terbaru beliau dalam sebuah akhbar tempatan. more > >

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perjuangan dulu hanyalah ujian
hanyalah bayangan
Untuk megnhadapi perang yang utama
hanyalah diriku sendiri
dan hidayah selama ini
hanya engkau yang ku dambakan
dan semoga sejahteralah
engkau pada ku

Oh! hidayah
dan tanpa mu apalah aku
apalah aku tanpa hidayah

more >>>

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Israel denies illegal diamond trade.

Israel has criticized a UN report which accuses Tel Aviv of involvement in illegal diamond trade from the Ivory Coast that could be helping re-arm rebels there (photo).

The UN sanctions on the African nation's diamond trade came four years ago, after rebels took control of the country's north in a deadly civil war.

The world body's investigation team on Tuesday urged Israel to 'investigate fully the possible involvement of Israeli nationals and companies in the illegal export of Ivorian rough diamonds'. more> > >

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The truth emerges

He was, after all, the person who controlled for more than a decade what the Malaysian public saw and heard on Government TV and radio channels as Information Minister from 1987 to 1999.

Now, aged 71 and suffering from diabetes and cancer, Tok Mat, as he is known, freely admits that his job was really as a Propaganda Minister.

Tok Mat admits in his book that he first used Information Ministry staff in 1977 on a “mission” to topple the PAS State Government of Kelantan.

He reveals that later, in 1995, during the Sabah state elections, he sent 500 ministry staff members to “campaign for Umno” against PBS (Parti Bersatu Sabah, which was controlling the state government then).

“The officers went to the ground,” he explains in fluent English at a recent interview. “They rented rooms in villages, they slept and ate like the locals, they gathered information and persuaded the people. This silent propaganda works very well.” more>>>

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Perak turn into a Police State on 28 Oktober 2009?

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Sivakumar shows torn robes.

Barisan Nasional has been accused of orchestrating an elaborate plan to prevent ousted Pakatan Rakyat speaker V Sivakumar from exercising his duties at the state assembly sitting today.

Sivakumar, who levelled the charge at a press conference in Ipoh, said this was evident when a large group of police personnel stopped him at the car park of the state secretariat building, where the legislative assembly is located. more>>

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Dun Perak - lintas langsung:

11.40 pagi: Mikrofon Adun Pakatan Rakyat telah ditutup tetapi tidak bagi Adun BN.

11.37 pagi: Zambry cuba berdiri untuk bercakap dan Adun PR melaungkan 'lanun' terhadapnya.

* * * * *

10.20 pagi: Kelihatan penyokong Pakatan Rakyat bukan beragama Islam berdiri berhampiran dengan penyokong PAS yang sedang bersolat hajat untuk menunjukkkan solariditi mereka.

Kelihatan penyokong PAS sedang melakukan solat hajat berhampiran dengan pagar halangan di luar SUK.

10.19 pagi: Keadaan di luar SUK kelihatan agak tenang walaupun kelihatan orang ramai sedang berkumpul untuk mengikuti kejadian yang berlaku ketika ini.

10.09 pagi: Nizar dan Adun Pakatan Rakyat cuba masuk sekali lagi ke dalam dewan persidangan.Sivakumar kelihatan tanpa jubah Speakernya.

* * * * *

7.52 pagi: Keseluruhan kawasan SUK dikawal dengan ketat. Lebih 40 anggota keselamatan berkawal di hadapan SUK dengan memakai vest hijau dan diapit 2 buah trak merah dan beberapa kenderaan serta van polis. Kumpulan wartawan berada di hadapan hadangan berkawat berduri.

7.15 pagi: 6 buah kenderaan polis termasuk 'Black Maria' digunakan sebagai perisai di hadapan pagar dan pusat 'check point'. Anggota polis berpakaian biasa (SB) kelihatan mula penuhi kawasan sekitar. Keadaan mula sibuk.

7.00 pagi: Lingkaran dawai berkawat telah dipasang di sekeliling Bangunan SUK Perak. more >>

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Troubled Waters: Palestinians Denied Fair Access to Water

Amnesty International has accused Israel of denying Palestinians the right to access adequate water by maintaining total control over the shared water resources and pursuing discriminatory policies.

These unreasonably restrict the availability of water in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and prevent the Palestinians developing an effective water infrastructure there.

Israel allows the Palestinians access to only a fraction of the shared water resources, which lie mostly in the occupied West Bank, while the unlawful Israeli settlements there receive virtually unlimited supplies. In Gaza the Israeli blockade has made an already dire situation worse, said Donatella Rovera, Amnesty Internationals researcher on Israel and the OPT. watch video >>>

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Abbas to Obama: I'll Quit, There's No Chance for Peace with Netanyahu.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told U.S. President Barack Obama that he intends to resign his post, Israeli Channel 10 television reported on Monday. According to the report, the Palestinian leader told Obama during a telephone conversation last week that he sees no chance of advancing the so-called peace process with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in power.

In recent days, Abbas has sent a number of blunt, unequivocal messages to the White House, Channel 10 reported. According to information which reached Israeli officials, Abbas told the U.S. president that he will not stand for re-election as Palestinian Authority president given the diplomatic stalemate with Israel. more >>>

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First US official resigns in protest at Afghan war

"I have lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic purposes of the United States' presence in Afghanistan," Hoh wrote in his resignation letter to the State Department's personnel chief.

"I have doubts and reservations about our current strategy and planned future strategy, but my resignation is based not upon how we are pursuing this war, but why and to what end," he added.

"I want people in Iowa, people in Arkansas, people in Arizona, to call their congressman and say, 'Listen, I don't think this is right.'"

According to the latest UN report, more than 1,500 civilians have been killed and many others wounded only in the first six months of this year, which shows a 24 percent increase compared to the same period in 2008. more >>>

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Israel Cutting Palestinian Water: Amnesty.

Israel's daily water consumption per capita is four times higher than the 70 litre per person consumed in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, according to the report entitled: Troubled waters - Palestinians denied fair access to water Shortages.

Adding to an already dire situation, Israel's war on Gaza early this year left water reservoirs, wells, sewage networks and pumping stations severely damaged. The Amnesty report said Gaza's coastal aquifer, its sole fresh water resource, has been polluted by infiltration of seawater and raw sewage and degraded by over-extraction.

The water situation in Gaza had now reached a "crisis point," with 90 to 95 per cent of the water supply contaminated and unfit for human consumption, Rovera said. more >>>

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UN General Assembly debates Israel war crimes

The UN General Assembly's decision to debate Israeli war crimes during Gaza war came after the UN Human Rights Council endorsed the report, which accuses the Israeli army of deliberately killing Palestinian civilians and using disproportionate force during the three-week Gaza war, despite efforts by Israeli officials to block the motion.

The report calls for the prosecution of senior Israeli officials in the International Criminal Court at The Hague if Tel Aviv fails to launch its own investigations into the Gaza war under international

scrutiny within six months. According to UN figures, more than 1,400 Palestinians, mostly women and children, were killed and many others wounded during Israel's "Operation Cast Lead" in which internationally banned white phosphorous bombs were used by Israeli forces. more >>

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Former Bosnian Beast (Serb Leader) Doesn't Show for War Crimes Trial

The war crimes trial of Bosnian Serb wartime leader Radovan Karadzic began Monday before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague, but without the defendant.

VOA'S Laurel Bowman has more. video inside > > >

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Sicko - The Michael Moore Movie in Full.

The Nightwatchman Tom Morello's Justice Tour 2008 is taking him across the country to rally groups working to bring about social change. In Boston, he met up with American SiCKO's Donna Smith and Adrian Campbell as they push for universal healthcare with Healthcare-NOW.

michael moore sicko website >>

American SiCKO Donna Smith, left, shares a light moment with Mayor Joe Adams of University City, MO, before a rally and march in support of single payer healthcare reform. University City is the only municipality in Missouri that has passed a resolution in favor of single payer reform, even though there is a single payer bill in the Missouri Senate right now.

Watch The Trailer for Michael Moore's 'SiCKO'

- watch the movie in full.

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Build Your Own PC.

People from all walks of life today build their own PCs. Executives, engineers, students, housewives, they all do it today. But, at the same time, pre-built PCs have come down in price quite a bit. Today, one is left to wonder whether it is best to build a PC yourself or to simply buy one off the shelf. I’ll address that here.

If you are a real PC enthusiast, this question may be a non-issue. The answer may be as obvious as the color of the sky. This is predictable, of course. When one builds their own PC, they are able to not only understand their PC better because they built it, but they are able to choose each component that goes into their PC. There is really something to be said for choosing your own components, and I’ll go into that further below. There is also a certain sense of satisfaction with having built a PC. One spends a few hours (or less for those more familiar with the process) to put the thing together. Then comes the moment of truth when one hits the power switch for the first time. If it works on the first try, its beer time! more>>

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Beast Of Bosnia (Karadzic) Trial - The Background.

A look at how former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic came to stand trial for war crimes at The Hague - more >>

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(The Edge) - The Malaysian Bar has revived the call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to look into the death of political secretary Teoh Beng Hock following the testimony of Thai pathologist Dr Porntip Rojanasunan that there was an 80% probability that his death was a homicide. more >>
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Teoh inquest: 80pc chance of homicide, says Thai expert

There is an 80% probability that the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock was a homicide, said renowned Thai forensic pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand (Photo).

Testifying in the inquest into Teoh’s death Wednesday, she said there was only a 20% chance that Teoh had committed suicide.

She added that marks on Teoh’s neck region looked like he had been strangled manually. more>>

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Najib cuba buruk imej PR - DS Nizar

Menteri Besar Pakatan Rakyat Perak itu berkata, kenyataan Datuk Seri Najib yang mendakwa tiada sebab Adun Pakatan akan menggaggu persidangan DUN Perak akan datang seolah olah menggambarkan Adun PR adalah kaki pukul dan samseng.

Image”Apa yang saya boleh gambarkan, pada 7 Mei lalu, yang buat kacau seawal jam 9.30 pagi adalah BN, kerana tidak menghormati speaker yang sah,” jelasnya lagi.

Beliau juga sekali lagi menegaskan akan hadir persidangan Dun 28 Oktober ini berdasarkan notis panggilan yang dikeluarkan Speaker Pakatan Rakyat, Sivakumar bukan Ganesan.

Adun Pakatan Perak katanya tidak pernah sesekali mengiktiraf Ganesan sebagai Speaker Perak dan masih berpegang Sivakumar adalah speaker yang sah. more >>

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Egypt: Fatah-Hamas Deal Deferred

17/10/2009 | almanar

Egypt announced on Saturday the latest postponement of a reconciliation agreement between rival Palestinian movements Hamas and Fatah was due to "inappropriate conditions." The announcement came after Fatah unilaterally signed the pact in Cairo on Thursday without reservations. Hamas, however, said it needed another few days to consider the document, and that the Islamic movement had reservations about it. more>>

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25 Israeli Violations, Lebanon Files Complaint with UN

17/10/2009 | almanar

Lebanon has registered 15 Israeli violations of its airspace in addition to 10 sea and land violations in the period between Sept. 15 and 21. In a letter addressed to the U.N., Lebanon said the air violations included the roaming of Israeli spy jets and warplanes over Lebanese skies.

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Russia wants more countries to join START

Other nuclear powers should join the US-Russia Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (photo) says.

"The involvement of more nuclear powers to this process is a necessity that will become pressing in the near future," Lavrov said in an interview with the news agency RIA Novosti. more>>

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PAS you need to change

5. Party for 1-Malaysian

Once you are able to change the way you see things, you will automatically start to change the way you think, and lastly it will change the way you talk (approach) on issues. You practice this long enough (treat it like a fasting test), it will stick on your mind, and you never have to worry about self-made traps again. Once you reach that stage, there's no need to afraid of any UMNO's provocation in the future.

In the end (after adapting to this change), you will realise that you do not abandon your Islamic principles, instead you just throw away your racial spectacles. By then, you can proudly say you are a party for 1-Malaysian (notice the extra 'n') instead of the BN's 1Malaysia that no one understands until now.

6. Fitting nicely in Pakatan

PAS - a MULTI-RACIAL party who fights for Islam.
PKR - a MULTI-RACIAL party who believes in fairness to all races.
DAP - a MULTI-RACIAL party who fights for real democracy in Malaysia.

In the end, we can proudly call our Pakatan Rakyat coalition as a MULTI-RACIAL coalitionsepo who fights for human rights to ensure fairness through democracy based on Islam.

What say you, PAS? more >>


Penulis adalah seorang pemuda bukan Islan yang sangat berminat dengan politik PAS namun dia mempunyai pandangan tersendiri tentang parti Islam ini._

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The Nobel Peace Prize, 2009 - For Obama?

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 is to be awarded to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special importance to Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.

Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics. Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis on the role that the United Nations and other international institutions can play. Dialogue and negotiations are preferred as instruments for resolving even the most difficult international conflicts. The vision of a world free from nuclear arms has powerfully stimulated disarmament and arms control negotiations. Thanks to Obama's initiative, the USA is now playing a more constructive role in meeting the great climatic challenges the world is confronting. Democracy and human rights are to be strengthened. more>>

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Kelab Penyokong PAS akan jadi sayap PAS segera

Kelab Penyokong PAS akan ditingkatkan status sebagai sebuah sayap PAS yang mempunyai perlembagaan mereka sendiri tidak lama lagi.

Demikian dinyatakan oleh Pengerusi Lajnah Perpaduan Nasional PAS Pusat, Dr.Mujahid Yusof selepas menyampaikan sumbangan sempena sambutan Deepavali kepada penduduk keturunan India di Pokok Machang, Tasek Gelugor more>>

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Crisis with Turkey Taking its Toll on Israeli Exporters

At the same time, Israeli exports to Turkey have plunged by 40%, while exports overall decreased 22%. Israel exports totaled $800 million in the first nine months of the year, compared to $1.3 billion in the same period last year. The hardest hit industries have been metals, chemicals and plastic. more >>

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UNHR Chief Endorses Goldstone Gaza Report, Despite Israeli Efforts

The Geneva debate comes a day after the UN Security Council discussed the report, during which the Palestinian Authority demanded that Israel be punished for war crimes. In the report released last month, investigators led by South African jurist Richard Goldstone accused both Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas of war crimes in Gaza, but were overall more critical of Israel than Hamas.

The Palestinian Authority had initially agreed to defer a vote on the UN-sanctioned report but later backtracked under heavy criticism. The Palestinians in a draft resolution circulated for the human rights council debate, called on Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, to monitor whether Israel and Hamas conduct credible investigations. It "strongly condemns all policies and measures taken by Israel, the occupying power, including those limiting access of Palestinians to their properties and holy sites" and calls on Israel to stop digging and excavation work around the Al-Aqsa mosque as well as other Islamic and Christian religious sites. more >>

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Sivakumar panggil sidang, Adun PR akan hadir

Adun PR sebelum ini memutuskan untuk tidak hadir sidang Dun yang dipanggil Ganesan kerana menganggap beliau speaker tidak sah dan panggilan oleh Ganesan juga adalah tidak sah.

Namun dengan notis panggilan Sivarkumar yang baru diterima, kesemua mereka akan menghadirinya.

Ini bermakna persidangan pada tarikh tersebut akan dikendalikan oleh dua speaker berbeza seperti yang pernah berlaku pada 7 Mei lalu. more >>

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Zambry hina mahkamah

Pada 12 Mei lalu, Zambry telah berjaya mendapatkan kebenarakan dari Hakim Mahkamah Rayuan, Ramly Mohd Ali untuk menangguhkan keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur yang dibuat sehari sebelum itu yang mengisytiharkan Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin sebagai menteri besar Perak yang sah.

Beliau telah kembali ke Pejabat Menteri Besar untuk melaporkan diri setelah Nizar membuat keputusan untuk menghormati keputusan mahkamah dan meninggalkan perkarangan bangunan pentadbiran negeri Perak.

Mengulas perkara berkenaan, tindakan Zambry melaporkan diri untuk bertugas semula di pejabat beliau di Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan memberi gambaran palsu kepada rakyat seolah-olah beliau telah memenangi kes rayuan terhadap keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi. more >>

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NAM wants Israel to be responsible for Gaza crimes

115 countries of the Non-aligned Movement (NAM) have called on the UN Security Council to hold Israel responsible for atrocities committed in Gaza during its offensive.

NAM Ambassador Maged Abdelaziz asked the Security Council on Wednesday to "seriously consider and act upon the recommendations" of the UN Fact Finding Mission headed by Richard Goldstone.
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Erdogan: Why does West single out Iran

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (photo) says the world powers' constant focus on Iran's nuclear program is not fair.

"We don't want nuclear weapons in this region and this is what we have always called for. We have also voiced this to the Iranian officials and they stress that they don't have any intention of developing nuclear weapons," Erdogan told Al -Arabiya satellite channel. more>>

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Turkey: Israeli delay in UAV delivery canceled air drill

Turkey has cited Israel's delay in the delivery of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to the country as the main reason behind the cancellation of an international air force exercise.

The Heron UAV drone is capable of flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet for 30 hours. IAF photo

The revelation comes in contrast with earlier Israeli reports that Ankara banned the Israeli Air Force from participating in a joint military maneuver scheduled by the US, NATO, Italy, Israel and Turkey for later this month in protest at Tel Aviv's military offensive in Gaza.more >>

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Washington blames Turkey for air drill cancellation

"As to the question of whether there was a government that was invited to participate and then removed at the last minute, we think it's inappropriate for any nation to be removed from an exercise like this at the last minute," US State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Tuesday.

The wargames - intended to be the sixth such exercises - were to have included forces from NATO, the US, Italy, and Israel. The sixth annual Anatolia Eagle exercise was scheduled to take place October 10-23 at an air base in the city of Konya in central Turkey in the heart of the Anatolian plateau.more>>

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Israel holds emergency meeting on Turkish ties

The US, Italy and NATO air forces were also to participate in the air force drill, which was to be held this week. The military maneuver however was canceled after Ankara withdrew from the exercise over Tel Aviv's participation in the drill.

Turkey's move, which was taken over Israel's decision to send planes to the exercise which possibly took part in the Gaza war last December, caused "disappointment" in Washington, The Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday. more>>

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12,000 UN Peacekeepers in Southern Lebanon.

The United Nations has been deploying peacekeepers to trouble spots around the world for more than 60 years.The U.N. Security Council authorizes deployment of peacekeepers to countries torn by conflict to help create conditions for lasting peace. Today, more than 90,000 men and women from more than 100 countries wear the "blue helmet" of the United Nations. VOA U.N. Correspondent Margaret Besheer recently visited the U.N. mission in southern Lebanon - known as UNIFIL -- to find out more about what peacekeepers do. more >>

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