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Joceline mengejar Taliban

Saya menerima SMS berikut sejurus selesai solat tarawih tadi yang berbunyi:

“Roslan dear I was right about your Taliban friend Nasrudin. Michael Learns to Rock not yellow culture la. Very mundane pop group. I think his serban too tight, constrict blood flow to brain.”

Kebetulan ada masalah teknikal dengan handphone saya lalu saya tidak dapat mengesan siapakah pengirim SMS tersebut. Namun dari gaya bahasanya saya dapat menduga dan pantas saya merujuk pada “name card holder” dalam kereta. Pengirimnya adalah wartawan kanan akhbar The Star: Joceline Tan.[seterunya]

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PAS actually maintained its share of votes

Malaysians either do not know how to do their homework or are just too lazy. Look at the figures below. PAS actually maintained its share of the votes. In 2008 it was 66.39% and yesterday it was 65.5%, a drop of a mere 0.89%. That is less than 1%.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

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Permatang Pasir: PR menang di semua saluran Rakyat berjaya menyapu bersih semua saluran pengundian di DUN Permatang Pasir semalam, sementara menjauhkan jurang antara PR dengan BN dengan rekod 6-1, dalam pilihan raya kecil sejak Malaysia dilanda tsunami politik pada 8 Mac 2008.

UMNO-BN yang tidak meletakkan calon dalam pilihan raya kecil DUN Penanti, 31 Mei 2009, walau bagaimanapun mengekalkan rekod kekalahan 6 kali berturut-turut di Semenanjung Malaysia selepas PRU ke-12, dalam pertembungannya dengan Pakatan Rakyat. [seterusnya]
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Bye-bye, IGP, happy retirement

The IGP actually retired way back in September 2007. The Abdullah Badawi government, however, extended his service on contract basis for another two years. Those two years will expire in two weeks time on 14 September 2009. We hear the government wants to extend his contract, yet again. This means the Chinese underworld will continue to run the police force and decide on who gets transferred, promoted, demoted, and thrown into jail. Yes, they even throw police officers that do not 'cooperate' into jail. And, today, we offer the evidence of that.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Some of the names on these documents have been blacked out, for obvious reasons. Rest assured we have the un-blacked out version in our safekeeping, which can be revealed if the government challenges these documents as fakes, ‘poison pen’ letters, or lies. And if the IGP gets an extension on his contract, then the un-blacked out version will surely surface to ensure that we embarrass the Malaysian government to the maximum. The world will be told that the Chinese mafia runs the Malaysian Police Force. [more]

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The Palestinians' security paradox

Barack Obama, the US president, is attempting to seal an Arab-Israeli peace deal that has eluded the region for more than six decades.

Ahead of an initiative expected to be announced in September, Al Jazeera is examining the prospects for peace in a week-long series from Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and Jordan.

One of the issues in the quest is the use of security forces in the Palestinian territories and the guidelines that they operate under.

In the final part of the 'Planning for Peace' series, Al Jazeera's Nour Odeh reports on whether Palestinian security forces can provide security in the West Bank under the "road map to peace" and protect Israel from armed groups.

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Carter urges halt to Israeli settlement building.

Former US President Jimmy Carter says a freeze on Israeli settlements is "absolutely necessary" to achieving peace in the Middle East.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Carter, who is currently visiting Israel as a member of the group known as the 'Elders', spoke about his views on the prospects for Middle East peace.

His comments come as Barack Obama, the US president, attempts to seal an Arab-Israeli peace deal that has eluded the region for more than six decades.

His administration has already made it clear it opposes the ongoing building of Jewish settlements on Palestinian land occupied since 1967.

Hundreds of thousands of homes have been constructed by Israel despite international condemnation and in contravention of international law.

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Bombs and the Ballot Box

It may be some time before we know who will lead Afghanistan's fragile democracy - and time is not on the people's side. Taliban violence is set to continue, and U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Michael Mullen has warned that the military situation is deteriorating. Meanwhile the biggest power in the region, India, is becoming increasingly alarmed. In the latest STRATFOR Insights series, Senior Analyst Reva Bhalla shares her analysis of the situation.

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Israelis restrict Palestinians' water supply

World bank report: Israelis have access to four times as much water as Palestinians due to restrictions.
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Dr Hatta saman Polis Rompin.

Penangkapan Dr Hatta 10 Jun 2004 tidak sah (1) - Sidang media Ahli Parlimen Kuala Krai, Dr mohd Hatta Ramli yang ditangkap oleh Polis Rompin pada 10 Jun 2004 adalah tidak sah. Mahkamah tinggi Kuantan hari ini (26 Ogos 2009) menerima saman Dr hatta dan dua yang lain terhadap Ketua Polis Daerah Rompin. Ketiga mereka telah ditangkap oleh Polis dalam satu majlis ceramah di Markaz PAS Rompin, Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang.

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Understanding Chechnya

In Chechnya, militants have carried out another suicide bombing and called for the death of a factional leader they accuse of aligning with the Kremlin-backed government. A look at the political shifts that recently have sent violence in the Caucasus to new highs.

[ Video Inside ]

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