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Citizens reborn: Maturing in civil engagement .

Only a short time ago, many Malaysians took comfort in remaining “apolitical”. Those without affiliation to political parties and who felt estranged from politicians preferred to leave the work of governance to others. It is different now.

Malaysians — across ethnic groups, class divisions, religious affiliations and age differences — are becoming more engaged in social and political developments, more interested in reading the news, keener to follow events in society.

Slowly, but surely, we are finding our “voice”. We are learning ways of expressing ourselves peacefully, seeing that we can put aside old fears. We are exploring the strength in our hands, discovering that our opinions, no matter how small or tentative, count too.

Engagement — individually and collectively — is at the crux of a functioning democracy. Engagement begins with awareness and interest, blossoms through conversation and action, and matures with wisdom, understanding, and compassion for others. It can be a powerful force for positive change. It can also be destructive, if we are not careful.[more]

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Nigeria riots displace thousands

A dusk-to-dawn curfew
has been in place
in the city.
Two days of sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims have left more than 4,500 people homeless in a northern Nigerian town.

"About 4,500 people have been displaced and they have been camped at two army barracks in the city," a local police commissioner told AFP on Tuesday.

The violence, blamed on disaffected local politicians in the Bauchi state, left 11 people dead and 100 other hospitalized.[more]

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No Need For Unity Government With Opposition

Wanita Umno head Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz today said PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang's call for the formation of a unity government is a political ploy and bringing in the opposition into Barisan Nasional (BN) might only cause disunity instead.

"We already have a unity government in the BN. We have so many component parties representing all the racial groups in the country ... We already have that, so there is no need for us to bring in any opposition member.

"If anything at all, they might come in and cause disunity; the way they are behaving today, the way their members are disregarding the law and constitution," she told reporters after attending a get together of Umno supreme council and Wanita Umno candidates for the party's polls with Sabah state Umno delegates, here.[more]

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NGOs on Perak Crisis

66 of Malaysia’s top NGOs have issued a joint statement

In the latest effort by civil society to conciliate and speak up for the rights of the Perak people, 66 of Malaysia’s top NGOs have issued a joint statement urging Sultan Azlan Shah to allow fresh polls in the state.

This was the only proper and democratic way to break the current standoff between the Pakatan Rakyat and Umno-Barisan Nasional, they said.

The group of 66 also supported the popular view amongst Perakians that Pakatan Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin was still the legitimate chief minister, and not Umno’s Zambry Kadir.<more>

Showdown Perak - follow the rule of law !

Civil society groups have called for transparency and rule of law to prevail in Perak, as lawmakers there gear up for what could be a key turning point in the political deadlock that has crippled the state for nearly a month now.

In particular, Transparency International has warned of the hardening and harmful perception amongst Malaysians that the Umno-Barisan Nasional was using the federal apparatus unfairly to hang onto power both in the state and in rest of the nation.

“This episode has washed up a lot of dirt and the debris that we are seeing is the result of democratic processes not being allowed to find expression at the ballot box and elsewhere,” said Ramon Navaratnam, president of Transparency International Malaysia. <snip>

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Samy Vellu’s retirement will be one in disgrace

MIC President Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu does not have any right to the support of the Indian community in the country.

March 8 last year brought about the Ides of March and Waterloo for Samy Vellu. He had boasted that no one could dislodge him as MP for Sungai Siput. That boast was blasted to smithereens by the voters in Sungai Siput and for good reason. He had miserably failed the Indian community who realized he was not a leader of caliber or substance. He was more interested in the enhancement of his own interests and those of his cronies who, likewise, were hounded out of their strongholds in the general elections last year.

Samy Vellu took for granted the Indian community which has been sidelined by the government. Samy Vellu, if at all, he has any principles, of which I have my doubts, should ‘bertaubat’ for the woes brought about by his leadership on the Indian community.[more]

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Peguam: Sidang Tergempar DUN Perak SAH

(Bernama) -- An emergency sitting called by Perak Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar on March 3, to table two motions on the takeover of the state government is lawful.

His lawyer, Chan Kok Keong, said it was done in accordance to the state constitution and standing orders of the State Legislative Assembly.

Chan said the view was also shared by constitutional lawyer Tommy Thomas whose opinion is that the Speaker was lawfully empowered to convene the Legislative Assembly on March 3, since the last meeting of the assembly in November, last year, was adjourned sine die and was not prorogued.[more - with video]

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Ibu mertua Muhamad Nizar meninggal dunia

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 Mac (sk): Ibu Mertua Menteri Besar Perak Pakatan Rakyat Muhamad Nizar Jamaluddin telah kembali ke rahmatullah pada jam 10:00 malam tadi di rumah anaknya di Jalan Damai, Tapah. Jenazah Allahyarhamah Ibu kepada isteri Muhamad Nizar, Azizah Zainal Abidin akan dikebumikan esok sebelum waktu Zohor.

Suara Keadilan mengucapkan takziah kepada keluarga Muhamad Nizar atas pemergian ibu mertuanya ke rahmatullah. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya. Al-fatihah.

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Nik Aziz says ‘bumiputera’ term is racist

In extraordinary remarks today, Pas spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat said the use of the term “bumiputera” smacks of racism and deprived other races of government aid.

His comments, made in Kota Baru today, will certainly spark debate, especially since it comes from a Malay leader who is widely respected even by his foes in Barisan Nasional and Umno.

In calling the term bumiputera racist, he appears to be drawing a clear line between his Pas party and the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) from that of Umno, which has been championing the special rights of Malays.[more]

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Aparteid, DAP dan Yahudi – Awang Selamat

Satu demi satu asakan terhadap kedudukan orang Melayu dan gelombang asakan itu semakin kuat.
Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Skudai, Dr Boon Cheng Hau yang juga ketua pembangkang di Johor menyatakan bahawa amalan membantu golongan bumiputera (bumiputeraisme) menyamai ideologi aparteid sebagaimana yang pernah dialami oleh warga kulit hitam di Afrika Selatan.
Awang tidak berhajat mengulas panjang. Sudah berulang kali hal seperti ini dibangkitkan dan telah banyak kali juga diberi penjelasan.[selanjutnya]
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Post-PM Pak Lah wants to fix what he couldn’t as PM

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is looking to play the role of a healer after he leaves office at the end of the month.
He has told government officials that he would like to tackle racial and religious polarisation, which has become more acute during his five-year term as the prime minister.
It is unclear if he is seeking an official position in any government body such as IKIM or any non-governmental organisation.[more]
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Jury is out on Speaker's power to call for assembly sitting .

There is mounting confusion over the powers of Perak Speaker V Sivakumar to convene an emergency sitting of the state assembly this Tuesday.

Today, state assembly secretary Abdullah Antong Sabri cited the Perak constitution and the legislature's standing orders in pointing out that only the state ruler can call a for a sitting of the law-making body.

In a statement, he said that while Standing Orders 8 (1) allows the Speaker to disregard the usual 14-days notice needed to call for a sitting in the case of an emergency, a proclamation is still needed by the Sultan.[more]

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Pak Lah says he will step down as planned.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi says he will stick to his plan to hand over power to Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the end of the month, dismissing speculation he would stay on as prime minister.
The prime minister was commenting on talk that he would not relinquish power even after Najib takes over as Umno president at the party’s general assembly this month.[more]
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Ecotourism in Malaysia.

Malaysia in one of 12 mega biodiversity countries in the world.

Niah National Park
The most magnificent limestone caves are concealed within this sprawling jungle.

Watch video - coutesy of Bernama TV

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Setiausaha DUN Perak : Sidang tergempar tidak sah

MB BN Zambry & barisan EXCO

Kemelut politik yang melanda negeri Perak, selepas Barisan Nasional (BN) menubuhkan kerajaan negeri baru awal bulan lalu, terus berlanjutan.

Hari ini, Setiausaha Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Perak, Abdullah Antong Sabri berkata cadangan Speaker V Sivakumar untuk memanggil satu sidang tergempar Selasa ni adalah tidak sah.[selanjutnya].

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Mitchell: US committed to Palestinian state

George Mitchell (R)
walking with Jordan's
King Abdullah
US Middle East envoy George Mitchell says that the US is committed to the establishment of an 'independent Palestinian state'.

US Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, held talks on Saturday with Jordan's King Abdullah II.

Jordan's monarch also told the envoy of US President Barack Obama that Middle East peace can only be achieved on the basis of two states and that he "seeks the establishment of comprehensive peace, the setting up of an independent Palestinian state that lives in peace and security alongside Israel."[more]

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PA urges two-state resolution support

Acting Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas stresses the importance of supporting a two-state solution by any united Palestinian government.
Acting Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas stresses the importance of supporting a two-state solution by any united Palestinian government.

In a Ramallah speech on Saturday, Abbas echoed a call by US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton urging Gaza's elected government, Hamas, to recognize Israel as a state.

He added that the Egyptian-mediated talks aimed at forming a Palestinian unity government that would be committed to "our values" and would "respect agreements previously signed by the Palestinian Authority," [more]

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Perak speaker calls emergency state assembly meet

Perak speaker today called for an emergency state assembly sitting on March 3. The assembly is expected to vote on two motions related to the constitutional crisis in the state.

The first motion by Titi state representative Khalil Idham Lim Abdullah is for a vote of confidence for Pakatan Rakyats ousted menteri besar Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin.

The second motion by Chang Lih Kang (PKR-Teja) is for the state assembly to be dissolved in order to hold a fresh elections.[video inside]

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Pakatan not averse to unity govt if Pak Lah stays on as PM

A call by the Islamic-based PAS for the formation of a unity government to put aside unnecessary negative politicking and focus national resources and attention on weathering the economic crisis has the full backing of the Pakatan Rakyat.

However, there is one all-important condition.

“Broadly speaking, Pakatan is agreeable with the idea and principle of a unity government given the uncharted economic uncertainty facing the nation,” said KeADILan information chief Tian Chua.

“But we are agreeable only, and only if the unity government is under Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. You can see for yourself, it is becoming quite clear, the people are uncomfortable with Najib, and we have to abide by their wishes.”

Put aside differences until next general election? [more]

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Perak Crisis Revisited - 3

Nizar Jamaluddin speaking in Pasir Panjang Perak.

Giving the historical happenings to the frog ADUNs before the coup in Perak that leads to the present constitutional crissis.

Nizar Jamaluddin berucap di Pasir Panjang Perak mengulas sejarah apa yang telah berlaku kepada ADUN-ADUN katak sebelum rampasan kuasa di Perak yang menyebabkan krisis pelembagaan. [selanjutnya]

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BN Perak tuduh sidang DUN tak sah, baca dulu ulasan Dr Aziz Bari

ADUN Chenderiang, Dr Mah Hang Soon menyifatkan tindakan Sivakumar itu telah melanggar titah Sultan Perak dan menuduh Sivakumar tidak tahu undang-undang dan membuat keputusan tanpa rujuk kepada Sultan.

“Mana boleh adakan sidang DUN tanpa dapat perkenan Sultan?” katanya ketika memberi reaksi terkejut terhadap tindakan Speaker untuk memanggil sidang Dun 3 Mac ini.

“Dia (Sivakumar) ini macam tidak tahu undang-undang dan membuat keputusan tanpa rujuk kepada Sultan. Mana boleh adakan sidang DUN tanpa dapat perkenan Sultan? Oleh itu, keputusan yang Speaker buat pada hari ini adalah tidak sah. Kita kena bertindak ikut undang-undang dan kena mengenepikan sentimen politik dalam hal perlembagaan,” ujarnya.

Bagi menjawab tuduhan tidak berasas Dr Mah itu, saya menurunkan kembali ulasan pakar Perlembagaan UIAM, Profesor Dr Abdul Aziz Bari yang menjadi tajuk utama muka depan Harakah Bil 1418 yang lalu sebagai ingatan bagi memahamkan semua Adun BN dan Pakatan tentang kuasa memanggil sidang Dun.[selanjutnya]

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Perak Crissis -Revisited 2

Speaker DUN Perak : Speaking on article (16)6 of the Perak state constitution. Hanya Menteri Besar sahaja yang berhak mengadap Sultan Perak - tujuan urusan untuk mendapat restu membubaran DUN sekiranya majoritinya di rasainya telah hilang. Tiada orang lain samada Pengurusi perhubungan UMNO atau BN Perak atau Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia atau bakal Menteri Besar yang berhak berurusan mengenai isu "bubar DUN" dan "hilang ada miliki majoriti" dengan Sultan Perak.

Isu siapa yang memiliki sokongan majoriti di dewan perlu di selesaikan di DUN.[selanjutnya video didalam]

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When Umno forgot to ‘kidnap’ the speaker

One tends to make a mistake when doing something in a hurry. That was what happened to Umno. The unholy haste to topple the PR government in Perak has now landed the party in uncharted waters. The side effect is a constitutional impasse.

It all started when Umno forgot about the speaker. Greedy with power, Umno overlooked the importance of the speaker. Their focus was mainly directed to the three former Pakatan state assemblymen. What they failed to realise is that without the speaker on their side they would be facing the greatest obstacle to convene the assembly.

In a non-military coup, the role of speaker is extremely significant. Failure to take into account the role of the speaker is seriously fatal. Now Umno has felt the pinch due to its own ignorance on the role of the speaker.

Umno might have thought that the speaker had nothing to do with the process of ousting Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, thus toppling the legitimate PR government. Thus they concentrated their effort elsewhere. They mainly focused on how to convince the Sultan of Perak to force Nizar’s resignation. [more]

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Does Umno represent all Malays?

Does Umno represent all Malays? Is the Umno viewpoint synonymous with the Malay world view?

Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein and Datuk Reezal Marican of Umno Youth would like Malaysians to believe so. They want Malaysians to equate an insult against Umno Youth as an insult against all Malaysians.

But the answer to both questions is a resounding NO.

The umbilical cord between the ruling party and the community it was set up to serve has long been severed. It is difficult to pinpoint when the break happened.

Some political pundits say that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sacking from government in 1998, his humiliation and jailing by the Mahathir administration was the defining episode that ended the special relationship between Umno and the Malays.[more]

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Chitrakala says she is scared of Samy Vellu

P. Chitrakala Vasu, the woman at the centre of a row with Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu over missing MIED files and funds, has given the public a rare inside look into the dealings of the MIC president.

At a press conference today, she offered up a glimpse into how her former boss thinks, works and manages the millions that the government has allocated over the years to the MIC to alleviate Indian poverty.

But before opening the window into the world of Samy Vellu and his inner circle, Chitrakala said: “I am very scared of this man.

"He has got money, people. I am an ordinary person, I am very scared. He has got everybody with him; I don’t have anybody with me. But I thought going public is my best protection.”[more]

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Samy Vellu in the case of the missing files and government funds

Chitrakala makes a point at today’spress conference. She said she and her family now live in fear for their lives. — Picture by Choo Choy May

The murky financial dealings of MIC were laid bare today after a one-time loyalist implicated Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu in mismanagement of party funds and misappropriation of government money.

P. Chitrakala Vasu, who is at the centre of a raging row with Samy Vellu over the MIED financial fiasco, alleged today that up to RM2 million raised for tsunami victims in 2004 was transferred from government accounts to a party foundation controlled by the MIC president.

She also alleged that lorry-loads of files were removed from the office of MIED, MIC's education arm of which she was once the chief executive.

MIED had raised millions of ringgit from the Indian community, in addition to receiving about RM300 million from government sources and a loan of RM220 million from Bank Pembangunan Malaysia, which is outstanding, for the construction of the AIMST university in Kedah.[more]

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Anwar says PKR must fulfil promise of March 8

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim told members of his PKR party today to embark on a soul-searching exercise and ask themselves if they had done enough to fulfil the promise of March 8.

In a special address here to party leaders just a week before the first anniversary of the general election which saw PKR and its partners make significant inroads into the dominance of Barisan Nasional, Anwar attempted to rally the faithful and acknowledge the pressure it has recently been placed under by the ruling coalition.

“If you are among those who are complacent or who feel as though the work is too hard and the sacrifice too great, let me remind you of how I felt from a dark cell, humbled by your courage, overwhelmed by your loyalty, and inspired by your extraordinary feats in the face of adversity.

“It is this spirit that propelled us into a new dawn and it is the same commitment and resolve that we must renew to raise our party to the next level,” said Anwar.[more]

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Jangan salah tafsir pandangan Abdul Hadi

Nampaknya Kenyataan Presiden Pas, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang sekali lagi telah dilihat sebagai mahu bekerjasama dengan Umno. Padahal apa yang dicadangkan oleh beliau untuk semua pihak di negara dalam menghadapi kegawatan ekonomi dan politik sekarang.Cadangan ini jauh sekali berbeza dengan cadangan Mac 2008 lalu iaitu muzakarah Pas-Umno. Ini kerana cadangan ini bakal melibatkan semua parti-parti politik dalam Pakatan Rakyat dan juga dalam Barisan Nasional. Ia bukan kerjasama antara Pas dengan Umno semata.

Inilah mesej yang saya sendiri dapat apabila saya turut terlibat dalam wawancara antara Saudara Adib Zalkapli dari The Malaysian Insider, saya dari Siasah dan juga Nazri Abdullah dari Wawancara ini berlaku pada jam 2.30 petang di Tingkat 14, Bangunan Parlimen Selasa lepas. Untuk kepentingan ketiga-tiga pihak yang mewawancara ini, kami berjanji ia akan diterbitkan serentak iaitu hari Jumaat semalam.[selanjutnya]

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Does Zambry or Nizar get the MB's pay?

The Perak Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will open investigations to determine whether the salaries and perks should be paid to the Barisan Nasional menteri besar and executive councilors or those from the Pakatan Rakyat.

The inquiry will begin next Thursday and also look into the purpose and benefit of the recent appointments of three advisors to Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Kadir and one information chief, all with executive councillor status.

Perak PAC chairman Wong Kah Woh said that in view of the tug-of-war game between the two coalitions over who should helm the state, the committee needed to ensure that funds disbursed to whichever parties were “justifiable”.[more]

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Najib: Emergency sitting of Perak assembly can’t be held

Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today the Perak state assembly speaker cannot call an emergency sitting of the assembly because the court has yet to make a decision on the status of the government in the state.

The Deputy Prime Minister said any decision to hold a state assembly sitting in Perak depended on the decision made by the court in relation to the case.

"It (sitting) cannot be held because there has been a court action," he told reporters after opening an assembly of undergraduates of Universiti Malaysia Pahang and the Eastern Zone National Education Carnival here today.

Najib said this when asked to comment on Perak State Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar yesterday announcing that an emergency sitting of the assembly would be held on Tuesday.[more]

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Government spending good money on silly projects

FEB 27 — Economic stimulus is all the rage it seems, both in the United States and back home in Malaysia. While I am sceptical of stimulus in general, our government’s spending plans are increasingly ridiculous and insensible day by day. Instead of leaving the era of white elephant megaprojects behind, we seem to be pursuing less obscenely grandiose but equally impractical infrastructure projects.

The basic idea in the minds of stimulus and economic pump-priming proponents is that it is cheaper to borrow money in a recession. People and firms are not confident in the economy, and so they are reluctant to lend money out to any random person. Fortunately, the government can soak up these surplus funds and invest them in something useful for a low cost.[more]

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Perak state legal advisor blocks notification of emergency sitting

The Perak state legal advisor is trying to block state representatives from being notified of an emergency sitting of the state assembly on March 3rd.

According to DAP Perak chairman Ngeh Koo Ham, the legal advisor, Datuk Ahmad Kamal Mohd Shahid, has directed the house secretary not to send out notices of the emergency sitting.

Ngeh says that this obstruction is in “contempt of the house” and is liable for punishment under house rules.

“The legal advisor has no business to intervene in the process of the house,” Ngeh told The Malaysian Insider.[more]

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Perak Speaker calls emergency session next Tuesday

IPOH, Feb 27 — Perak legislative Speaker V. Sivakumar has called for an emergency sitting of the state assembly next Tuesday in a move that could see the Barisan Nasional (BN) government voted out of power and further complicate the constitutional impasse.

Sivakumar is invoking the assembly’s standing orders 8 and 11 to call for the emergency sitting to vote on two motions in relation to the state’s constitutional impasse.

The two standing orders give him the powers to call for an emergency sitting of the assembly.

The first motion to be voted on will be for the assembly to reaffirm its support for Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as the rightful mentri besar. The motion will be tabled by Titi Serong Pas assemblyman Khalil Idham Lim Abdullah.[more]

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Nationalise the Malaysian highways

So the government has put off the highway toll hike to the end of the year.

But before you rejoice, think about this: the government will have to pay RM287m in compensation to the concessionaires:

  • Plus - RM195m
  • Sprint - RM36m
  • Akleh - RM27m
  • Besraya - RM9m
  • NPE - RM20m

That’s our money going straight into the concessionaires’ pockets. Easy money for doing nothing.

By the way, Plus Expressways Berhad made a profit before tax of RM1.5 billion for the year ended 31 December 2008 - up from RM1.3 billion the previous year.

Last year, the government paid RM245mil to Plus, Akleh and Sprint as compensation for a scheduled increase from January 2008 year that never took place.[more]

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Unexpected Abdullah respite for toll hikes, cabinet to reconsider today

In a move aimed at pacifying commuters and consumer groups, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has stepped in, promising a cabinet review of the proposed toll rate hike on five of Malaysia’s biggest highways.

”People are having difficulties. The situation is not right for a toll hike,” Abdullah said. The cabinet will be meeting today.

Citing contractual obligations to the concessionaires, Works Minister Mohd Zin Mohamed had announced hikes of between five and 33 percent on the much-travelled North-South Expressway, Sprint Highway, Ampang Elevated Highway, Sungai Besi Highway and New Pantai Expressway.[more]

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US repeating old Iran lies at UN

Mohammad Khazaee said the new US envoy was making the same accusations against Iran as the Bush administration.
Iran's UN envoy has criticized the new US ambassador, who accused Tehran of supporting terrorism and attempting to develop nuclear weapons.

In a speech to the UN Security Council during a session on Iraq, Susan Rice said once the US withdraws its troops from Iraq, it would 'seek an end to Iran's ambitions to acquire an illicit nuclear capacity, and its support for terrorism'.

Iran's UN envoy, Mohammad Khazaee, said Rice's remarks were a repetition of the same 'groundless accusations' against Iran that the previous US administration had made.[more]

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Choosing Computer Speakers

It used to be that choosing speakers for your computer was an easy task because there weren't really any options to choose from. Sound was typically an afterthought and most speakers made for computer use weren't exactly what you would call "ear candy".

That has all changed now. Many well-respected audio/video speaker manufacturers have gotten into the computer speaker game. It is not uncommon to see well-known names like Klipsch, Bose, Polk & JBL on either side of computer monitors now.[more]

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GERAK bergerak untuk siapa?

Gerak had evolved! Now it appears that GERAK is going for small fishes (cases) and embarking on a "selective reporting" of corruption cases to the relevant authorities. Akin to doing somebody else dirty job! So now Che Gu Bard has questioned GERAK transparencies - Who finances GERAK ? Who pay GERAK Chairperson? Who sponsored GERAK activities? Who does GERAK served? Now GERAK has a reason to revealed all these things. GERAK has to prove its credibility and intergrity and remains transparent - GERAK as an organisaton itself!

GERAK telah berkembang! Sekarang in, nampaknya GERAK hendak kenakan ikan bilis (kes kecil) dan telah mulakan "lapuran terpilih" terhadap kes-kes rasuah. Seolah-olah GERAk sedang melakukan kerja kotor untuk pihak lain. Jadi sekarang ini Che Gu Bard menyoal GERAK tentang ketelusan - Siapa membiayai GERAK? Siapa bayar gaji Pengerusi GERAK? Siapa taja aktibiti GERAK? GERAK bergerak untuk siapa? Sekarang GERAK perlu keiklasan untuk menjawab soalan-soalan tersebut, perlu GERAK sebagai organasasi yang memiliki kewibawaan dan intergriti membersihkan GERAK dan menunjukkan ketelusan! [video]

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From Mujahideen heroes to Taliban terrorists

The Areas on both sides of the modern Afghan border, beginning in Bajaur and traveling south west all the way to Baluchistan have been home to a group of fiercely independent, closely interlinked, formidable warriors for thousands of years.

The region -much reduced by the 19th century- was an independent tribal territory until 1893 and remained outside the British Empire, with frequent skirmishes a trademark in relations between the Waziri tribesmen and British rule.

Surviving historic documents and written accounts from Iran's Achaemenid Empire of 2500 years ago indicate that even then there were troubles on Eranshahr's (Persian Empire) borders with tribes that closely fit the modern-day description of the region's peoples. Around one thousand years later during Iran's Sassanid Dynasty rule, Eranshar's top warrior princes, fell prey to a major trap set by the same tribes, greatly bereaving the Royal Household.

In more recent times Waziri tribes fought alongside the Pashtun Mujahideen against the Soviet presence in Afghanistan in the 1980s. After the Taliban rule was formed in Afghanistan, Waziri fighting men went back to their old way of life in the north and south Wazirestan districts situated in modern-day Pakistan.[more]

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Champions League results

Liverpool win 1-0 at Real Madrid

Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso (left) heads the ball overReal Madrid’s Lassana Diarra (right) during a Champions League, Round of 16, first leg football match at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid yesterday.

— AP pic

MADRID, Feb 26 ( Malaysianinsider — AP)

— Yossi Benayoun scored with a late header yesterday to give Liverpool a valuable 1-0 away win at Real Madrid in the first leg of their Champions League last 16 knockout match.

In a game of few chances, Benayoun powered Fabio Aurelio's curling free kick past Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas in the 82nd minute to give the English club an all-important away goal.

Casillas denied first-half scoring chances from Liverpool's Fernando Torres and Xabi Alonso, while Arjen Robben created the Spanish champion's best effort with a rising shot that went through the fingertips of goalkeeper Pepe Reina in the 71st but over the crossbar.[more]

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Palestinians to form unity government

Reconciliation talks in Cairo lead to an agreement between rival Palestinian factions to establish a unity government by the end of March.

The factions agreed to form several committees that will pave the way for a unity government, an official with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Jamil al-Majdalawi, told AFP on Thursday.

"The committees will end their work and a Palestinian unity government will be formed by the end of March," he said.

The revelation was confirmed by deputy leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Mohammed al-Hindi[more]

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Iran nuclear plant test run scares Israel

Iran started tests at its first nuclear power plant in the southern port of Bushehr on Wednesday.
The Israeli premier Ehud Olmert sends out a warning signal to Iran after the country began a test run of its first nuclear power plant.

"We are a strong country, a very strong country, and we have at our disposal (military) capacities the intensity of which are difficult to imagine," Olmert told public radio on Thursday.

"We have deployed enormous efforts to reinforce our deterrence capacity," Olmert added. "Israel will be able to defend itself in all situations, against all threats, against all enemies. I cannot say more but believe me, I know what I'm talking about."

The remarks came after Iran announced Wednesday that despite intense international pressure over the country's nuclear program it has launched the test-stage of its first nuclear power plant in the southern port of Bushehr.[more]

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Federal-state battle looms for Selangor’s water assets

A battle appears to be looming between the federal government and the state government of Selangor over the takeover of privatised water concessions in the state. At stake are billions of ringgit for the concessionaires and higher water tariffs for consumers.

The move to restructure the sector could also become a political flash point with the Pakatan Rakyat accusing the Barisan Nasional of bailing out its cronies to the detriment of the public.

In spite of its own designs to consolidate the sector, the central government had “gone off on its own tangent”, rather than work with the state, a panel set up for the reorganisation exercise said yesterday.

This “sabotage” occurred when a central government agency — which had agreed to state-led talks earlier — inexplicably announced on Feb 18 that it would take over the negotiations and deal directly with the concessionaries.[more]

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Instacalc Online Calculator

I found this online calculator Web site to be very interesting. To get started, I recommend scrolling down to the Ready to Use section and taking the tour. It will walk you through the features for the calculator.

What I love about it is you don’t have to press Enter to get an answer. Also, you can use multiple lines to do more than one step in a problem!

To switch between styles of math you want to compute, use the drop down box on the calculator. Perhaps you need to do trigonometry or find a volume. If so, just switch it from Basic Math to whatever you need. [more]

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EU 'studies new tough Iran sanctions'

Britain, France and Germany are reportedly proposing a tough list of new sanctions to be imposed against Iran over its nuclear program.

A report by the Financial Times claims that the EU trio is targeting 34 Iranian entities and 10 individuals who are believed to be connected with the country's disputed nuclear program.

The UN Security Council has imposed three rounds of sanctions against Iran, urging the country to halt its enrichment activities.[more]
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Sivakumar: It's harrassment

Perak State Assembly Speaker V Sivakumar says that the investigation on him by the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission represents harrassment and an insult to the State Assembly. He says this kind of action probably has not happened in a Commonwealth country.

So too is the involvement of the police in investigation. This acts shows the immaturity of democracy is Malaysia - The Doctrine of the separation of power is not only not respected by but one trying to harass and overpower the other if not trampled underfoot. The Judiciary represented by the courts and the judges, the Executive represented by the PM and the Cabinet and the Legislature represented by the Speaker and Dewan should not trampled each other, or else dictatorship or tyranny or anarchy would step in. [video inside]

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Netanyahu 'to move against Palestine unity'

The Israeli prime minister-designate is mulling over lobbying the US against Hamas participation in a Palestinian unity government.

"We shall try to convince our American friends that this is not something that would help the peace process, and that it would only make it easier for all sorts of other players - the Europeans and the Russians - to deal with Hamas," said Zalman Shoval, a close aide to Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu.

"To return Hamas as a partner is not what America is interested in," he added. "I'm not saying we can prevent it, but we should try."

Netanyahu is scheduled to meet the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton next week when she pays a visit to Israel. Bibi is expected to lure her into preventing Hamas from joining a Palestinian unity government.[more]

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Pas calls for a unity government

In another sign that Pas has yet to abandon the idea of forging a closer relationship with Umno, the Islamist party's president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang has called for the formation of a national unity government in view of the current political turmoil.

In an interview with The Malaysian Insider, the Marang MP said Barisan Nasional could not on its own bring the country out of the economic crisis.

Hadi was also certain that the party would not suffer the same fate as in 1970s when it was expelled from BN and lost its control over Kelantan.

Last year, the party was split between the conservative faction which favours cooperation with Umno through what it calls muzakarah (dialogue) and another which prefers to strengthen the then newly formed alliance Pakatan Rakyat.[more]

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An opening in cyberspace closes

BANGKOK - When a state-linked Cambodian Internet service provider (ISP) blocked access this month to a critical non-governmental organization report detailing the government's alleged mismanagement of natural and energy resources, the censorship closed the loop on the region's fast-closing cyberspace.

The Cambodian government has prioritized improving its Internet controls and legislation, despite the fact less than 0.3% of the population is online, one of the lowest Internet penetration rates in the world. The recent bust of an alleged terror plot against the government revealed that authorities had capability to hack intosuspects' - and perhaps perceived other adversaries' - e-mail accounts.

It wasn't long ago that Asia's Internet was being heralded as an inexorable force for democratic change across the predominantly authoritarian-run region. Rising Internet penetration rates and the proliferation of websites that provided alternative news and critical views, particularly in countries where the state had long dominated information flows, marked substantial democratic gains.

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Perak Crisis Revisited

- V Sivakumar (DUN Perak Speaker)

Sivakumar speech at MB's residence explaining regarding his action handing over 2 resignation letters to SPR. Siva highlighted the actions that should have been done by SPR which would prevent the present Constitutional crisis in Perak.[video inside]

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'2-State Solution Sticking Point for Likud-Kadima Coalition'

Differences over Palestinian statehood are likely to scupper Benjamin Netanyahu's efforts to forge a broad Israeli government with his main rival, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, an official of his Likud party said on Thursday.

"There is across-the-board agreement on Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas but there is a big gap between Kadima and Likud on the two states for two people. It's unsolvable," Silvan Shalom, a senior Likud legislator and former foreign minister, told Israeli Army Radio.

Israeli Prime Minister-designate Netanyahu plans to meet Livni on Friday in another attempt to recruit her centrist Kadima party, which backs the Palestinians' quest for a state. He wants to shift the focus of U.S.-sponsored talks from thorny territorial issues that would set the boundaries of a state to shoring up the Palestinian economy.

Netanyahu has said any Palestinian state must have only limited sovereignty and be demilitarized. Livni has said Kadima would not join a government that does not commit clearly to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.[more]

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Shalit Negotiator Heads to Cairo after Ousted Mediator Reinstated

Senior Israeli negotiator Ofer Dekel headed to Cairo on Thursday for talks on securing the release of captured Israeli occupation soldier Gilad Shalit. He left shortly after outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reinstated Amos Gilad, Israel's chief negotiator in talks over a truce in Gaza.

Some officials had feared that Gilad's suspension earlier this week would harm negotiations for Shalit. As Dekel left for Egypt, a source in Olmert's bureau declared: "We cannot miss this opportunity, regardless of the painful cost."

Dekel was invited to Cairo by Egyptian Intelligence chief Omar Suleiman to hear his suggestions on how to proceed and to relay Hamas' demands. Hamas wants hundreds of Palestinian detainees released, including many involved in deadly attacks on Israelis.

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Spat with Anwar has ended, says Karpal

AFTER challenging Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim openly for weeks over issues surrounding party hopping,

Karpal Singh said he accepted the former as head of Pakatan Rakyat.Karpal Singh told the Dewan that there was no more misunderstanding between the Opposition leader and him.

“Any misunderstanding was between us, and is none of Barisan Nasional’s business,” he said during his debate on the motion of thanks on the Royal Address.

Karpal Singh also said the 100 police reports made against him recently were vicious.

“Tuan Speaker, this must be a world record – 100 reports, two bullets,” he said, adding: “Under the Internal Security Act, it is mandatory death sentence for a person who sends even one bullet.”[more]

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